Wordless Wednesday|Sunset


I might have mentioned in my¬†blog¬†and many of you might have known that I’ve moved to a new area a couple of months ago to a much rural and tranquil island best for relaxing and a place for retreat.

I’ve been sick recently and going out to see the sunset can actually¬†make me happy. It’s something memorable that I wanted capture and share the pictures here with all of you.

By the river DSC03496DSC03519 DSC03500 DSC03502 DSC03503 DSC03511 DSC03510DSC03516DSC03513DSC03530

I took some of the sceneries of sunset by the river. The weather was super glorious and it’s breathtaking to watch this beautiful sunset.

There is a bird in the sky, an airplane and a jetplane piercing through the clouds with the reflection of the sun. a man fishing and speedboat by the river. I’m feeling blessed!

What are the things that makes you happy? I love to hear your comments, please leave them down below. You can also share the sunset in your area and send it to my tweet or facebook. I’m be happy to comment ūüôā

Have a beautiful Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo




Wordless Wednesday| A Beautiful Day!


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today, I woke up with this beautiful sunrise. The soft beam slowly breaking through the horizon signalling another brand new day.

sunrise picjpg

The view from my¬†window. It’s a Beautiful Day!

biosphere pic

Biosphere in Autumn.

mon bon sapin pic

A quiet winter morning. So, peaceful and serene.

the moon pic

A full moon! When you stare long at the moon, you can see it moves.

These are a few of my picks for this Wednesday and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Wordless Wednesday

Cool Autmn Breeze

Leaves stir under my feet

While half are still up on the trees

I pull my scarf tighter

As I feel the slight nip

Of a cool autumn breeze

(poem taken from figment.com)

amber autumn leaves

Beside Shriners Hospital on Cedar Avenue

an array of color

On Cedar Avenue – cars and trees

autumn leaves (2)

Ducks in the Rivere-du-Nord, St Jerome

tree house

Tree House

pot mums

Pot Mums – Golden Amber

windy leaves falling

Falling Leaves

black clouds

Rain Clouds

black cat on the run

Run Away Cat

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

A Beautiful Autumn @ Parc Régional de la Rivière-du-Nord, Quebec

Yesterday, the weather was incredibly nice for autumn season. We are fortunate and feel blessed to receive yesterday as it was such a beautiful and gorgeous day for autumn. The past two weeks had been cold but yesterday, because of the suprisingly warm weather everyone seems to be out and everywhere to enjoy this wonderful day.

And, I can’t¬†wait to share some¬†of the¬†sceneries that I took¬†while I was there and about.

Autumn Leaves - St Jerome Park autumn leaves DSC02293 Autumn leavesby the river by the dam autumn leaves (2) a pair of ducks searching for food autumn leaves (3) on the bridge DSC02338 autumn leaves (4)

Today, is here for all of us on earth. Tomorrow will be another brand new day. For let us be thankful for what we have today and give back what belongs to tomorrow.

“Autumn, autumn, autumn come what may. I shall embrace you with all my heart. For you are gentle¬†to love and ever so kind to nature. You are my favorite season of all.”

Where is your favorite place to visit in Autumn?

Thanks for reading!