Question Tuesday! What Part Of Makeup …



Hey friends!

pic by source
photo by source 
What part of your makeup can’t withstand the heat? What do you had to say on this! Leave your comments below.
  • Foundation/cream based face products
  • Eyeliner/Mascara
  • Eyeshadow
  • Powders (blush/bronzers)
  • Lip color

For me, I feel like powders don’t last as long on me, especially if powder was the only thing I had on. That’s just me though!

Comment below your tips for making each part of your makeup last longer …

Thanks for stopping by my blog everyone! Have a wonderful day 😉

Sharon ♄




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Question Tuesday! How Fast Can You Be Ready?



Hey girls!!

I hope you had a great weekend!! I sure did! I’ve been busy working on some tips to speed up my makeup routine.

be ready
by source

Here are some helpful tips and tricks I find that save my day. I hope these could help you too:

First thing first:-

  • Set up an area on your vanity or bathroom counter to lay out your makeup and tools. They’ll be easier to find than in an overstuffed bag.
  • Choose neutral rather than trendy makeup colors so you don’t have to spend time trying to coordinate them. Make sense right!
  • A pencil eyeliner is easier to handle (and so, quicker) than a liquid or gel especially when you’re in a hurry.
  • Don’t use mascara on your lower lashes. It smudges, and takes time to clean up.
  • Before you apply mascara, roll the brush on a tissue to get rid of clumps so that they won’t end up on your lashes (where you’ll waste time getting them off).
  • Switch to a tinted moisturizer with SPF. It hydrates, evens out your skin tone, protects against UV rays, and is easier to blend than foundation
  • Look for long-wearing formulas. You won’t need to touch up as often.
basic makeup routine
by source

Comment below if this post is helpful and what are your tips to get ready FAST? I love to heat your thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I’ll see you very soon 🙂 Bye guys! 

Sharon xoxo



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Question Tuesday! What Did You Get …


on BLACK FRI-YAY? Comment if it’s a Yay or Nay at your last Black Friday experience.


Let’s hear what you picked up from the store or grabbed online.

by source

Does this looks familiar? Do you shop for others or for yourself mostly on Black Friday Sales?

I managed to snag a few beauty deals and I’m patiently waiting for all he packages to arrive on time. I’m keeping my fingers and all my body parts crossed 😛

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Until the next one, stay BEAUTIFUL!

Sharon xoxo





Question Tuesday| What Beauty Tips …

by walt disney
by walt disney

Last weekend, I decided to pull out some old photo albums back to my high school years, and it sure brings back fond memories. I love my school days. Looking back, I was surprised to see some pictures where I wore too much makeup. I’m like is that really me? Oh Nellie! I was stunned beyond imagination ;o (gaaah!)

Okay, I’m back and let’s just get straight to this week’s Question Tuesday!  I’m excited to hear …


A: Less is More!

by source
by source – less is more!

Share it here by leaving your comment in the comment section or tweet me. I love to read and hear your comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Have a good rest of the week!

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Question Tuesday| Travelling With Makeup

by source - Bon Voyage!
by source – Bon Voyage!

I’ll be like a breaking recorder if I repeat myself again saying that summer is here! Opps!!! I did it again. LOL!

This week’s Question Tuesday is not a mixed of beauty and fashion. So, the question for you is :-

Q 1. How do you pack for your travelling with makeup?

Q 2. Do you consider what type of trip is that and what to wear during your trip to go with your makeup?

Q 3. What non-beauty products would you bring with you on your trip?

Q 4. Do you think writing up a list of things to bring is essential?

Q 5. Are you a person who pack light or heavy?

Please leave your comment below and answer to the one you like best. I love reading your comments.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Bon Voyage!

Sharon xoxo

Question Tuesday|Your Favorite $0.99 Drugstore Makeup Product


Hey gorgeous!

It’s Tuesday and are you ready for this week’s Question Tuesday? I have several listed below and let’s see how many you can answer? Many of you might have noticed or have seen that I’ve started this topic content a while ago and guess what, Question Tuesday will continue to be running.

Remember, my previous post where I talked about the Disney films makeup. Well, I must have been carried away and I just love disney characters and this week Ursula has a message for you!

life is full of tough choices by Disney channel

Q: Tell me what is your favorite 0.99 or 1.99 drugstore beauty products? Why do you think they’re great? 

You can leave your comment in the section below or on my facebook page and twitter. I will select a few of your responses and share them in my next post with everyone here. Selection will be based on originality and explanation on why the product works for you.

I’ll ask my facebook and twitter followers to chime in too. The more responses the merrier. I hope all of you have fun and find this post interesting.

Thanks for stopping by and until next Question Tuesday, stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday|New Maybelline Colorblur Matte Cream Lip Pencil


Hi Everyone! Remember several moons ago I did a sneak peek on this upcoming New Maybelline Colorbur which was scheduled to hit all the drugstores in June. Well, I’ve got good news that it’s already out at Walmart. So, my question of the week is –

Q. Have you guys seen or spotted this new Maybelline Colorblur Matte Cream Lip Pencil at your local drugstore or Walmart yet?

maybelline colorblur matte lip pencils

I’m sold! The moment I saw it I can’t wait to get hold of these matte lip pencils. There are four shades and I’m pretty sure there are more shades for this line. I’m hoping to find the shade in orange or plum-red 😛

You can always leave your comment on the section below. I’d love to hear what you think of this product and have you tried it yet?

As usual, thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo




Question Tuesday!



Unleashed Your Inner Power - Are You A Beauty Addict? (gif from Disney)
Unleashed Your Inner Power – Are You A Beauty Addict?
(gif from Disney)

This is so fun that I’m doing the Question Tuesday again. Actually I came across this interesting article at Buzzfeeds that I’m bringing it here to you all. So this week’s question is pretty simple.

Q: Are You A Beauty Addict? You love Sephora so much, you’d almost marry it.

Click if you…
  1. Have a Birchbox subscription.
  2. Have gifted someone else a Birchbox subscription.
  3. Visit Sephora once a month.
  4. Visit Sephora once every two weeks.
  5. Visit Sephora online once a week.
  6. You know what VIB means.
  7. You have an embarrassingly high number of Beauty Insider points at Sephora.
  8. You crave the mysterious VIB Rouge status.
  9. Always claim your Beauty Insider birthday gift at Sephora each year.
  10. Can’t go to Target without looking at the cosmetics aisle.
  11. Can’t go to Target without buying something from the cosmetics aisle.
  12. Know the difference between BB and CC creams.
  13. Own a BB cream.
  14. Own a CC cream.
  15. Refuse to throw out certain cosmetics that you never wear 
 because you WILL wear them one day.
  16. Are completely obsessed with nail art.
  17. Began using wrinkle cream before you had wrinkles.
  18. Reapply your lip balm/gloss/lipstick compulsively.
  19. Own more than 5 lipsticks.
  20. Loyalty and dedication to certain brands.
  21. Have a deep and unbending disdain for certain beauty brands.
  22. Find that when you discover a new beauty hack, it’s like a whole new freaking world.
  23. Dream (literally) about beauty products.
  24. Feel that beauty products bring you more happiness than pretty much anything else on Earth.
  25. Feel a trip to Sephora significantly lightens your mood.

So, what’s your results?

Thank you very much gorgeous for your comments.

Sharon xoxo


Question Tuesday!



This is my first time doing this Question Tuesday and I though it would be fun to do.

Q: If you could choose one drugstore makeup brand to completely overhaul (for eg. the packaging, shades, products, pricing etc..). Which brand would it be?

I think I will say Almay and NYC when I first asked myself this question. I am  pretty sure that there are nice products and formulations on both lines but overall I think both brands need to work on their packaging updates and extra pizzazz (especially the color cosmetics)

Even though Almay brand seems to emphasize on clean, skin friendly-makeup. I think that you can hold on to your believe but be as exciting and innovative when it comes to packaging and color cosmetics.

I will like to see more pigmentation on NYC brand when it comes to lips and eye colors. Would be nice if they could throw in a few extra ranges of shades on their makeup products with much needed options for Women of color. I also feel that NYC packaging looks cheap and just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it has to be flimsy.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo