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Maison Jacynthe Naturally – Review & Photos

  Many of you may have already know this, as a beauty blogger, a lot of companies will sent over new collections, new product my way so that I can try them out and potentially share them with you. And I’m very grateful for this because of course I wanted to create new contents all

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Wordless Wednesday! Coco Brunch

Last weekend, we stopped and had brunch at Coco Frutti Restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. Since we had light breakfast, don’t mind stopping over for brunch. First time at this place and here were what we ordered. I personally prefer this Coco Frutti than Tutti Frutti or  Chez Cora since we really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food

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A Beautiful Autumn @ Parc Régional de la Rivière-du-Nord, Quebec

Yesterday, the weather was incredibly nice for autumn season. We are fortunate and feel blessed to receive yesterday as it was such a beautiful and gorgeous day for autumn. The past two weeks had been cold but yesterday, because of the suprisingly warm weather everyone seems to be out and everywhere to enjoy this wonderful day. And, I can’t wait to

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