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by source

Q: Tell us what you love and hate about shopping your beauty products at Walmart!

A:  I guess Ursula says it all in one breath 😀

Well, this is what I think – the upside of shopping my beauty products at Walmart is their low prices and return policy. Depending on the Walmart you go to, some have available Tester products which I find it helpful. There are two exclusive brands at Walmart. Can you make a guess which brand?

The downside is that they’ve limited product inventories in store and their liquidation sale products which were on the shelf weren’t such a big deal. Moreover, not all Walmart carries the same beauty inventories.

I wish that Walmart here will have more makeup brands and please have the $5 beauty box available here too.

Now, is your chance to express how your shopping experience at Walmart affected your purchasing power. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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