Top 3 Picks for May|Nail Polish A Collab With Curly Spring Blossom




opi nail polish set

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous! I’m excited to be sharing with you some of my nail polish for this week’s Top 3 Picks collab with my amazing friend Ingrid from CurlySpringBlossom. I’ll put her link down below.

Okay, I know it’s not the holiday season and it’s not Christmas¬†and why red polish you may ask? Well, first of all I love red nail polishes and second it’s just¬†freaking sexy. I’m someone who love to paint my toe nails red. How about you, girlfriends? Would you be excited to wear a red nail polish?

Well if you do, then continue reading …

opi red opi red lacquer

I got this OPI Nail Lacquer in NL E76¬†MY Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours¬†Classics.¬†Net Wt: 0.5 fl oz. I absolutely love this color and I’m wearing it now. It’s almost a week now and there is only a tiny color fading. I didn’t put any top coat and it lasted. I’m impressed! On this look, I’m applying one coat and the formula goes on very easily. It gives a creme finish look and the tone is of red-orangy. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. Oh yes, did I mentioned that I paid $9.99 for two bottles of this OPI nail lacquers? That’s a steal! I picked them at Winners (Canadian Retail Stores) and the other bottle that comes together as a set is the glittery one¬†below.

opi glitter opi manicure

I have this OPI Nail Lacquer in NL M80 Gaining Mole-mentum in shredded gold and chunky pink glitters. This comes in a clear base and you can wear it on its own or top it on other nail colors. I love how it looks on its own. This formula dries in seconds and it gives a lovely shine without top coat on.

opi nail polishes

Combination of¬†My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours¬†with Gaining Mole-mentum you’ll get a¬†glam¬†and¬†sizzling¬†colors. Pretty don’t you think!

revlon red DSC01668

Okay the next is the¬†Revlon Nail Enamel¬†in Fearless.¬†I picked this up from Walmart when it was on special. I remembered paying less than $4.00 for this Fearless. Love the color and I’m all about red polish today. There are 72 trendy colors to choose from. It’s available online on Revlon website or at any drugstores.

So, there you have it my Top 3 picks on the nail polish that I’m obsessed with right now. Do you know that Red is the most extreme and powerful color on earth,¬†according to Color Matters. There you go, wear some red … you are POWERFUL!

By the way,¬†don’t forget to check on my good friend’s blog¬†at CurlySpringBlossom. She is amazing and she has her Top 3 Picks of her nail polishes to share. Head over to her blog.

Until next week, stay beautiful! Have a great week.

Which is your favorite nail polish brand?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo