Matte Lip Paint|Lip Gloss by ColouredRaine


Hey girlfriends,

I remembered doing a post on this Colouredraine matte lip paint a couple of months ago and I just can’t stop to share my love for this incredible matte lip paints. I saw some new shades in the collection compared to last year’s collection and Mars is the shade that is calling to me 🙂

colorraine matte lips

Truffle/Raine Fever/Suite Raine/Electric Raine/Berri Raine/Amazing Raine/Vanity Raine/Sugar/Marshmallow/Soul/Mars 

For $16.00 a tube with a net wt: 0.4 g available online at Coloured Raine website. It is cruelty, paraben and gluten Free. Vegan!

I simply love how matte it looks and gorgeous, gorgeous shades this lip paint offers. It looks so velvety and vibrant matte lip finish. So, if you are looking for some lovely and amazing shades for this Valentine, why not just hop over to Coloured Raine and pick a few colors you love 🙂  Make your pick before they’re gone. Too many incredible shades to choose from, why not start with Vanity Raine and Amazing Raine. They’re bold, sexy and romantic colors for Valentine’s Day.

For a gorgeous velveteen finish lip paints at that best price, I couldn’t resist but to lush a few. I’m crazily in love with this Mars shade which I find it so pretty. I add it to car but it’s out of stock. Argh!!! What a bumper!!! Anyways, I’ll do a review on this matte lip paint once I got it and review will be made available in my next post once I’ve tried it : ) Coming Soon Mars!

Oh yes, by the way, if you love lip gloss more than matte lip paint then proceed reading below.

lip gloss colored raine

Oh gosh!!! When I saw these jars of lip gloss at Colouredraine website, I started to sing “I’m on top of the world”, “I’m on top of the world” song. More amazing are the lip swatches. Look how amazing each shades are.

This awesomely pigmented lip gloss comes in 11 glorious colors which I couldn’t resist at all too. I’m putting it on my wishlist for my upcoming spring vanity.These lip gloss are selling for $14.00 a jar at Colouredraine website. On first glance, these lip gloss looks so creamy but you wouldn’t believe if I told you that it’s a lip gloss.

lip gloss by coloredrainedsource

Arabian Night/Bajan Princess/Intimate/Persian Queen

Oh wow … even the name of the lip gloss makes my head turns. I haven’t had a lip gloss with such a bold creamy color and lusting finish. I would love to have a sexy lips like this for Valentine. Hurray!

Bear in mind that all the photos posted are not mine and I’m not affiliated with Coloured Raine whatsoever. I just love their matte lip paint and lip gloss so much that I just have to share my love on these products with you guys.

Which shade would you pick for Spring 2015?

Thank you all for reading.

Sharon xoxo