Get The Look You Want: Undiscovered Eyes!


Hey Lovelies!

Want to have a Gorgeous Looking Gold¬†eye look for this¬†holiday season and for this 2015 New Year’s party? I bet you will say Yes, even before you finish¬†reading this.

lorac unzipped palette undiscovered gems

Makeup essentials that we need for this look. A Lorac Unzipped eyeshadow palette, Eye base by Bombshell, Revlon lipstick in Gladiolas and NYC Showtime mascara.

swatch gold Undiscovered & Unbelievable color swatches in Lorac Unzipped

eyebase eyebase (2)

This golden metallic shades tinged with a touch of submissive.

1) First, I prep my eyelids with the eye base shadow by Bombshell.

undiscovered undiscovered shadow

2) The shades which I used for this Gold Eyes look are Unbelievable and Undiscovered using Lorac Unzipped shadow palette. I really love how smooth and pigmented these shadows are. I began with the Unbelievable on my lids. Since this shadow is very pigmented, it gives a very beautiful shades of gold.

unbelievable shadowfinish look

3) The next step is to apply Undiscovered and blend in on the crease. Blend well on the outer eyes.

4) Glide a skinny eyeliner brush through the shadow. Trace your lower lash line from inner to outer corners to complete this gold eye look.

side eyelook

5) Lastly, curled up your lashes with this¬†mascara and you’re ready to party!.

There you have it an unbelievable golden shadow eye look that I discovered from Lorac Unzipped Palette. Get ready to have a beautiful and shimmery Christmas holiday.

Do you want to try it? I love to hear your comment ūüôā

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Volum’ Express Mascara

Hey guys!

I have been using this volume express mascara by Maybelline on and off for the past few weeks and I can say that I am satisfied with the outcome that it gives for my lashes.

maybelline volume mascara maybelline mascara

Volum’Express¬†Mascara in¬†Very Black (net wt: 10 ml)

mascara wand closed up wand

A simple but yet lovely packaging. I really like the packaging since it has an elegant look on it. The brush is thin and the wand is of standard wand size. The formula dries up pretty fast and this black color mascara really makes my eyes looks bigger and natural looking.

maybelline mascara (2)

It lengthens and add volume to my lashes making it look fabulous. On this look, I did a double application for an optimum results. It does looked a little bit clumpy at the tip of my lashes. But you can see that it separates my lashes perfectly.

side view mascaraside mascara

This mascara¬†is very easy to use and I admit that I’m not so crazy about the clumps but definitely love the lengthening and voluminizing¬†effect on my eyes. Another set back on this mascara¬†is that it is not waterproof.

So, if you are looking for a waterproof type then you are better off with¬†their Volum’ Express in¬†Colossal, Big Eyes and Pumped up.

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase and would definitely repurchase again once I ran out. It’s a decent mascara and the price is reasonably priced for a drugstore brand.

Which of the Maybelline mascara did you owned?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo







5 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

Hey friends! You can save your time and avoid wasting your precious minutes while dolling up in front of the mirror every single morning by following these 5 easy steps.

concealer and foundation

1) Concealer

Applying concealer under dark circles and blemishes usually takes 1/2 minute, while foundation is also a good way to improve your complexion if you are¬†not completely satisfied. There are some women ho prefer to apply concealer before foundation while others think that concealer should be applied on top. But seriously, it’s completely up to you which ever way you feel comfortable or in what order you put these two products. You can use either a sponge, brush or even your fingertips all depending on your makeup style.

bb cream

2) BB Cream

This product is a must-have for all of us. BB Cream are of light texture although it tends to be a little bit less sheer than tinted moisturizers. You can omit the foundation, sunscreen moisturizer, concealer if you use a BB cream since it replaces those other products. On top of that, BB cream also can replace highlighter and anti-aging serum too. It hides wrinkles and lines and soften your skin, making it brighter and fresh looking. No other beauty products are needed to make your skin look perfect. BB cream solved all problems!

shadow, liner, mascara

3) Eyeliner / Eyeshadow / Mascara

Running out of time on in a rush. Then I suggest you pick only one¬†from both. Natural eyeshadow over your eyelid will give a natural look while eyeliner tends to stand out more. If you are comfortable to apply eyeliner in a hurry that’s fine too. You can apply eyeliner on upper eyelid for a more define lash line and not even need to apply mascara later. But if you are a mascara person then apply one coat so that it dries up before you head out the door. It usually takes up 2 minutes for doing the 3 steps process.

bronzer, blush

4) Bronzer /Blush

Use either bronzer or blush for a lowing and sun-touched skin. It’s especially good for those of you who natural pale skin tone. A touch of bronzer or blush will do the trick. Oh yes! your bronzer must not be 2 shades darker than your normal skin tone.

lip gloss lipstick

5) Lip Gloss/Lipstick

The final step includes applying lip gloss or lipstick or lip stain etc… Both products are great to lift up for a cheerful and refreshing look ready to face the world.

So, conclusion is that these are my 5 easy steps to follow if you like them. But if you have your own routine and like to stitch with it, it’s still fine with me. With this steps¬†I find myself more time to do other things.

Hope this helps and if you have other requests for tips and tricks of doing beauty makeup, please leave comment below. I love to hear from you.

What is the makeup process that took you the longest time to do in the morning?

Thanks as usual for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Top 5 Tuesday Favorite – Drugstore Mascara !!!

Hey beauty junkies! I’m excited to talk about my Top 5 Tuesday Favorite of the week. It’s the Mascara Edition!!! yay!!!

top 5 tuesday mascara

I always linked mascara as another makeup tool that’s very fun to wear for everday and party time. No doubt that I’m no super duper fan of mascara but I admit that I do have a few which I really really like. I’m particularly more picky when it comes to mascara since I want to wear an eyemakeup that doesn’t irritate and not making¬†my eyes looked like a panda after wearing it the whole day. That would be disasterously embarrassing!

top 5 mascara

Anyways, I did managed to select 5 of my favorite mascara and they’re not in any particular order.

rimmel mascara

Rimmel Volume Accelerator in 003 Extreme Black (net wt: 0.23 fl oz). It says this mascara has a boosting complex which came with a plumping brush for a remarkably fuller and lusher looking lashes. This one doesnt have a waterproof formula but still make my eyes look fuller no doubt.

rimmel mascara eyelook rimmel mascara look

I’m wearing it today to show the results I got from applying 2 coats of this volume accelerator. I like it’s because it gives¬†extra volume to my lashes but not lengthening it. It’s basically darken my lashes and makes it look prety and my eyes bigger. Two coats makes lashes look so much prettier.

covergirl mascara

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume waterproof in Very Black. Love this amazing mascara since it has a very sturdy brush/wand that is magical. The bristle are short and it’s able to do the job to make my lashes fuller and it’s waterproof. I don’t usually wear mascara on my bottom lashes but with this brush, I don’t have the problem at all. Formula dries up¬†easily to prevent fall out¬†that makes application¬†messy.

nyc mascara

NYC Show Time Voluminizing mascara in 844 Extreme Black (Net wt: 0.27 fl oz). This mascara I¬†wear when I’m in¬†a rush and believe it or not¬†I can wear it without looking at a mirror. Because the brush is small and the bristle short, I can apply it nearer to my lashlines. Great to wear¬†to go for¬†grocery shoping or for just running daily errands.

hard candy fab

Hard Candy flat to FAB in Blackest Black (net wt: 0.074 oz). I did some reviews on both Hard Candy mascaras in my earlier posting and I’m picking them up as my favorite because I really like them. It’s small but compact. Love the cute brush and the packaging.

hard candy lash

Hard Candy Lashaholic is also in Blackest Black (net wt: 0.063 oz). The brush is pretty much the same as the Covergirl lashblast mascara. These brushes works wonders. I don’t see any fall out or sticky sensation on my lashes. It’s very affordable and I like the texture as well.

Basically, these are all my Top 5 favorite drugstore mascara and I’ll be looking out for more when some of these babes dries out. For now, I’ve been wearing them for many of my makeup look photos and it has been a great experience for me to somehow branches out to mascara. I’m glad I did!

So, there you have it all my Top 5 Tuesday fave. Until next time, have a wonderful day.

What is your favorite drugstore brand mascara?

Thank you again for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


100% More Volume Mascara

Hi guys, I got this wonderful Covergirl Lashblast Volume mascara from Target and I’m super excited to share what I’m going to review in this post.

covergirl lashblast mascara v covergirl mascara waterproof

Reason why I’m super excited was when I saw this mascara wand and it makes me want to pick it up.¬†The packaging is nice where the wand is packed separatedly. I like the idea that¬†the brush is¬†visible. It’s selling for $6.99 at Target during their weekly flyer promotion. Sorry, I’m using the flyers from Target as¬†the¬†background.

closed up covergirl mascara wand covergirl 100% volume wand

Wonderful wand with soft like bristles.

I picked up this one in 825 Very Black (0.44 fl oz). It says here that “lashblast’s volume-boosting formula and brush are designed to leave you with a big, bold lash look”.

applying covergirl mascara lashline mascara

Enjoying and impressed with the wand applicator.. yeah!!!!

I tried it on and wow!! I love the wand that works so well and all I did was dip it half way and apply them on my lashline. There is no flaking and it has very minimal clumps. Mascara formula dries up instantly upon application on lashes.

The¬†Covergirl lashblast mascara really impresses me. For a drugstore brand and price point, there is no dislike for this lashblast mascara. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

mascara instant volumeside view mascara

Looking Up view and Side view

See, my lashes looked more defined and has more volume in terms of thicker look. I did only one coat and it works wonder already and I love the effect of it. On top of that, it’s waterproof, so¬†it can be worn all day without worrying about any smudges.

This Very Black color mascara makes eyelashes looking very natural. Will I recommend this, the answer is yes. Covergirl also has them in Brown , Black Brown and Black shades to choose from.

What color lashbast volume mascara you have or are your favorite? Comment below and please share you experience if you have tried it.

As usual, thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo




What’s this about Gel Mascara?

essence gel lash  brow brushessence lash and brow gel mscara

Okay, I picked this¬†up last week. I did a blog¬† earlier on “under $5.00 Beauty¬†Must Haves”¬†last Monday and today I thought of doing a review on this lash and brow gel mascara by Essence. I’ve never had a brow gel for my eyebrows before. It says to put a stop to unruly eyebrows! Wow!!! This I must really try. So, here it goes.

essence gel mascara for browcompare eye lashes

Eye brows comparison. Photo shown: Left side is with gel and Right without the gel mascara.

Uhmm…¬†okay. Don’t see much of a different with the gel at first swipe. I did¬†2 more¬†swipes and yes, my brow does seems set in place. Brows looks natural after applying the gel. It doesn’t show any shinny residue on the brow (not¬†glue-y). I did mine without any eyebrow color and it works just fine.

gel mascara for lasheyelashes ith gel mascara

I also tried it on my lashes and well my lashes does feels crispy but not any much different. Since it’s a transparent gel so nothing much can been seen as compared to the normal black mascara. I have short eye lashes so it doesn’t perform as great for me but I think those who has long lashes, this mascara gel will work wonders.

Overall, I don’t think I like or dislike it. I think it is a good product, no doubt about it. I don’t regret buying it.¬† I will try to use it more often and learning to get use to this gel. For¬†the price, I can’t find anything wrong with it. But for sure it is something that helps to put messy brows in shape. For that I think it does its job well.

Have you try any gel mascara lately? Please leave comment below.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




Under $5 High Street~ Beauty must haves!



Essence makeup haul

Last Tuesday, I got this¬†and this and this…. each for under $5.00 by Essence. Oh my gosh! I just can’t resist the temptation and voila! All my one stop purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Sometimes, there maybe some gems hiding at the corner of the store. You may be surprised!! The price is very affordable and good quality. And yes, I promised to share this awesome finds with you,¬†so let’s start.

essence lip gloss paris

essence mini lipgloss set 06 Paris, ma jolie ~ $3.99

essence eyeshadow base

essence I love Stage eyeshadow base ~ $3.49

essence gel lash  brow brush

essence lash & brow gel mascara ~ $2.99


essence lipstick in 12 Sparkling Miracle ~ $2.99

color swatch matte lipstick

essence long lasting lipstick in 03 Dare to Wear $2.99/essence long lasting lipstick in 06 Barley There ~ $2.99


essence waterproof eye pencil ~ $2.99/essence superfine eyeliner pen ~ $2.99/essence kajal pencil in 04 white ~ $1.49

I did my review post earlier on the lipsticks and if you have any products which you like me to do a review on. Please leave comment below.

What is your recent beauty makeup purchased which is under $5.00? I love to hear about it.

Hope you enjoy reading this and find it helpful!

Sharon xoxo


Hard Candy ~ Lip Plumper & Mascara

Good morning beauties!

Recently, I have this huge¬†pang of excitement with mascara which I don’t usually a big fan of.¬†I¬†have a crush on these amazing mascara by Hard Candy at Wal-mart.

These adorable, shinny packaging mascaras drove me to get them. Which I did. yay!


From Top to bottom: Plumping Serum Volumizing lip gloss in 0.04 oz

Lashaholic Super Volume mascara in 0.068 oz on Blackest Black

Flat to FAB mascara in 0.074 oz on Blackest Black


Hard Candy Mascara Hard Candy closed up mascara

Very affordable price and I like the way the brush works on my eye lashes. Each different brushes have its own function. I love the uniqueness of these brushes.

It said that this Lashaholic¬†mascara works to volumize, thicken and lengthen the lashes with it’s elogated brush that separate and¬† define every lash to create the baddest lash ever.

The Flat to Fab¬†provides instant curling sexy lashes. Smudge free. Love the brush that¬†scrupt and help¬†lift up each lash with precise definition. I’m totally in love with it since my eye lashes are short not not curly so this mascara really helps makes my eyes more pretty.

Hard Candy Lip Plumping Serum Hard Candy swatch

Lastly, the lip Plumping Serum. I’m not so sure about this plumping serum to be¬†honest. This is my first time trying it. Reason been that when I applied it¬†my lips feels like burning or stingy sensation.¬†I used it twice just to confirm my first reaction to it. Well, it does sting a little.¬†I did feel that my lips are a little puff up but not for too long. After the stingy left, so were the puff.

I did some readings on this topic and it seems that almost all lip plumper  contained a certain ingredient for example cinnamon oil, hot pepper or even menthol that will intentionally irriate the lips and make them swell  thus giving the plumping appearance.

For those of you who loves to have more plumper lips, it seems this can be your answer for plumper lips. But hey, for me I think I will stick with my good old lips, the old fashion way.

I hope you guys find this post interesting and helpful.

Do leave your comment below if you have any question.

What is your experience with lip plumper and what brand?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day ahead.





Beauty Haul! Target mini beauty makeup haul

Target mini makeup haul

It’s that time, my¬†beauty mini makeup haul has landed.¬†Yes!!! I went shopping again at Target and got some beauty bits that I really want to try. I’m¬†thrilled to share some of¬† my haul today with you.

So here is the little haul of what I’ve purchased!

I have wanted to try the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral¬†palette for a while and so I decided that it’s time for me to get it. It’s a little bit expensive for a small palette eyeshadow but¬†I’m all in for this one.¬†I picked up¬†this¬†gorgeous color¬†Copper Peach palette in 0.20 oz¬†and I know that I’m pretty sure going to have lots of fun playing with these colors.

pixi eyeshadow palette

I really want to talk more on each of the makeup that I just picked up.¬†So, I will start off with this Pixi palette. So, many fun colors to play with,¬†I’ll be busy for weeks. I would¬†definitely give my thoughts and opinion once I have tried them including swatches etc in my next blog.

nyc new trio eyeshadow

Next up is the NYC New Trio Eyeshadow in 789 on West Vintage.¬†Trying new colors¬†are one of my favorite things¬†to explore. So, I like this West vintage eyeshadow and absolutely doesn’t mind giving it a try.¬†I got mine for less than $3.00 for 0.15oz¬†depending on where you live.¬†Pretty intense color palette and it came with a duo-end tiny little brush. Will have my review up soon.

Maybelline Fit Me foundation 315maybelline fit me foundation swatch

Next¬†in line is the¬†Maybelline Fit Me Octinoxate¬†lotion with SPF18¬†. I got hold of this one in¬†315 on Soft Honey (1 fl oz) which was on special for $6.99. I made a color swatch and the color tone seems to pretty much¬†complement my skin tone. Behind the bottle it does mentioned matches natural tones, blends seamlessly and let skin breathe. I’m not here to do a full blown review, don’t panic. Ha!Ha!

covergirl pressed powderNYC mascara show time

Finally, I also like to share with you this Cover Girl Pressed Powder in  715 on translucent medium. Compact powder is 0.32 oz for $6.99 (regular price $8.99) at Target. In the next few days, I will be using these pressed powder with my foundation and will share my experience with you as we go along.

Last item in my haul will be the NYC Show Time Mascara in 844 on Extreme Black. This mascara has shorter brush and it’s waterproof. Yeah!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m off to prepare some yummy lunch.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Are there any new products you have tried recently?

Check back soon for reviews on some of the products in this blog! ūüôā

Stay Beautiful!