Lorac The Resort Palette|Spring 2015


Hey gorgeous!


I was looking for some Spring makeup palettes and I came across this Lorac The Resort Palette on Nordstrom‘s website. It’s Lorac Spring collection which was released three weeks ago and it’s exclusive to Nordstrom’s only. My heart skip a beat in excitement but then when I saw that it’s currently unavailable or out of stock my heart sank … boo…hoo… hoo ;'( !!!

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lorac resort palette

It’s Nordstroms’s Exclusive “The Resort” Eye and Cheek Palette by Lorac for $20.00 including free shipping. What more can one ask for? Except maybe for them to restock this palette at Nordstrom so that you and I are able to grab, snag or haul it for vanity sake.

It contains:-

  1. Six eyeshadows
  2. One eye and cheek highlighter
  3. Two blushes
  4. One bronzer

all in one palette. It comes with a full size mirror and the design on the packaging is freaking inviting.

lorac resort

I checked and found Amazon.uk has two palette but it’s insanely pricey. Has anyone heard and seen this latest Spring palette by Lorac? If you do, please leave comment below.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



note: photos taken from Nordstrom