Beauty Mini Haul On Elf And LA Colors

elf, la colors haul

An online purchase totally inspired by my blogger friends and YTers РElf brushes and Brightening shadow palette with LA Colors products. I ordered just a few to try out this beauty online store called Miss A. Everything here is only $1.00!!!


Emilynoel83 mentioned some Brightening Eye Colors by Elf that are dupes of MAC or of good quality, so I got Butternut (beige and pink toned, with a dark mauve and bronzy gold, pretty!). Great value for the money at $1 a piece!

I had high hope for these but they swatch more sheer than I expected given the texture were creamy and pigmented except the Beige and Pink tones. I love love the two darker shades which are impressively pigmented and so smooth. In my opinion, the lighter shadows could work better as bases for that reason.


I’ve seen L.A. Colors products¬†in some Dollar stores which I did a beauty haul many months ago¬†but I’ve never seen this cute Single Pot Eyeshadow and I¬†was¬†excited to try it out when I stumbled over¬†at Miss A online store. The shade I got is in Bare and I wear it as my eyeshadow base. The texture is very smooth and soft. I love the pretty embossed design in the pot with a bunny ear type sponge brush hooked on the cover.


All 3¬†will earn their spots in the stash. I got the 3 Color Eyeshadow Palette¬†by L.A Colors in Dandelion¬†for only $1.00. Net wt: 0.19 oz. You’ll get Pale Yellow, Peachy Bronze and Dark Taupe in this Trio. L.A Colors is also a cruelty free makeup and I’m super excited to share all cruelty free products in this post.

Well, honestly I don’t really need anymore eyeshadows but I needed some fillers since I’m paying for the¬†shipping already ($5.95), and found some palettes that were already on sale.


For brushes, I got the classic Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Crease and Blending Eye Brush. Have always been a fan of¬†their foundation and eyeshadow¬†brushes, but since Target left us with Elf, I¬†headed to look online¬†for their brushes.¬†So, I picked only three for now and I know I’ll be ordering for more ūüėõ

The brush material¬†are soft and dense. It has printing of the type of brush on the handle which is helpful but would be even better if they put numbers on the brush too. Anyways,¬†I’ll let you know how these brushes perform once I have a chance to try them and review on the eyeshadows coming up next. So, remember to stay tuned!

Have you found LA Colors anywhere else? Dont forget to leave you comments down below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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Maybelline The Nudes vs L.A. Colors Palette

Hey gorgeous,

Have you heard that L.A. Colors are going to be a permanent brand at Target? I thought so. Anyways for those of you who haven’t heard or know L.A. Colors, you will be seeing ¬†them on the shelves pretty soon. First of all, the price is of the makeup is dirt cheap.

On the other side of the spectrum is this Maybelline drugstore brand which¬†if I’m not mistaken came out with a twelve eyeshadow palette to replicate the high end brand such as the Naked Palette by Urban Decay.

In this post, I’m just going to compare a drugstore brand with a new wannabe drugstore makeup just to have a fairer comparison.

maybelline vs l.a. colors

When I first started blogging, I heard that the Nudes is a dupes for UD and I picked it up and love it ever since. But even now that I have all the Naked Palettes I will still continue wearing The Nudes every now and then.

So sorry, I have gone tangent but anyways, let’s start the comparison with The Nudes by Maybelline and Traditional L.A. Colors eyeshadow palettes. Both are of neutral shades¬†and each has¬†12 eyeshadow pans and the size of each pan is similar or the same size.

So, let’s go right to it:-

Intro: I paid $14.99 for The Nudes at my local drugstore and $1.25 for Traditional at the dollar store.

he nudes by maybelline

The packaging for this Maybelline palette is stable and solid. It gives the impression of a better made and an expensive kind of look for a drugstore brand which I find it impressive. Behind this black plastic palette is an eye makeup guide for beginners which you may find it helpful sometimes.

It comes with a dual eyeshadow brush which I have no use of it.

This neutral palette is amazing¬†having six mattes and six shimmer shades that is richly pigmented and soft. There are four shades which are very creamy while the other are a little stiff but highly pigmented. I don’t see any powdery talc in this palette.

maybelline the nudes

I love the appearance of this neutral look from this Nude eyeshadow palette. It makes doing an everyday eye makeup look- hassle free.

The formula is long lasting and there are other shades that will perform even better with eye primers while some such as the shimmer bronze can go without. This is definitely a nice travel palette to bring for vacation and just don’t forget o bring your primer along.

For this look, I’m using the middle quad shadows. It gives a¬†soft and natural shimmery finish which is quite¬†subtle.


All the color swatches turns out beautifully . I love all the shades in this palette even the charcoal. Is this a dupes for Urban Decay Naked Palette? Well, I will have to say there is no true dupes on the shades (I tested on the half-baked, hustle and smog from Urban Decay Naked 1 palette) with the three obvious shades from The Nude but it does provide the same feel no doubt.

Also available are The Smokes and The Bright eyeshadow palettes which in my opinion are something I will definitely pick for stash.

l.a. colors eyeshadows

Okay, let’s face it. The packaging of this L.A. Colors palette is less than attractive. It does gives the impression that this palette costs $1.25 only. ¬†But let me tell you something, I was in that position when I first saw it.¬†I’m like there is no way I’m going to put that eyeshadow on me but boy was I wrong. The packaging is quite deceiving. For $1.25 eyeshadow palette with 12 shades in my opinion is really something else. Makes me think how low the cost of makeup really is.

l.a. colors swatches

Average pigmentation but incredible shades when applied on lids. It blends well and no flake or fall out which I’m amazed.It has very pretty shades that are wearable for everyday look. This is not the best palette but a reasonable and super affordable eyeshadow where you can play with the shades at will. I want to think of it as a disposable palette where if I go travelling and leave it behind I’ll be okay with it.

l.a. colors eye look

This eye makeup look is applied on bare skin (without primer). The finishing looks a little powdery but no it’s matte finish and the truth being said, it stays on all day. The eyeshadow still looking good without needing for touch-up. I’m satisfied with both the appearance and the results. Moreover, the price is just unbelievingly¬†low.

Overall, I think this would be a wonderful palette for someone who is just starting their makeup journey, or perhaps does not own many eyeshadows or hasn’t experimented with nude shades before. For that price, it worth trying out and who knows. one day L.A. Colors might step up to its plate afterall. I would love to see an improved packaging and¬†higher pigmentation with creamier formula but keeping the price as low as possible. I see that this brand has potential and if you happen to see one at your local Target, pick one and experience them yourselves.¬†You’ll be surprised.¬†All L.A. Colors makeup products costs less than $3.00.

My verdict: So which one is the winner? Well, I’ll have to say both are winners. Maybelline¬†for its continuously stepping up to par with the quality and performance while L.A Colors for their effort to bring their products¬†to be a permanent makeup brand is more than impressive. With their super low prices, many will get the chance to look pretty too. An infant brand that needs nurturing.

As for Maybelline, they have already make their mark and I’m very happy to find an affordable palette that can feed my eyeshadow palette obsessions.

Have you seen L.A. Colors at your local Target yet? Or have you The Nudes by Maybelline? Please leave comment and share your experience below. I love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo