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Japanese KOJI DOLLY WINK Liquid Eyeliners – REVIEW

  Wow! Again, I can’t believe how fast another month has gone by. It’s only last week I celebrated my birthday. In this post, I wanted to give a shout out to my lovely daughter who knows me so well. This is the best gift ever! She knows that I love Dolly Wink liquid liners

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Wordless Wednesday|One Piece Episodes|

  Hey guys! Has anyone here knows this guy? Well, if you are watching or following the Japanese anime episodes of “One Piece” then you will recognize him. His name is Trafalgar Law pirate who is also a doctor.  By source My daughter is a huge fan of Japanese figurines and I thought of sharing

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Don’t be Dirty! Skincare Biore & TonyMoly Face Cleanser

Okay, you’re not going to believe where I picked up this Biore Ultra Moisturising Face Wash? At one of the local Asian grocery store (C&T). Oh wow!!!! They even have TonyMoly face wash from Korea which obviously I must get (chuckle!!!). This may sound crazy and yes, I actually bought these cleansers while   grocery shopping. I came back

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