up & up™ Apricot Blemish Scrub

up & up Apricot Blemish Scrub

Happy Thursday!

Today’s feature will be one of my favorite facial exfloliator or scrub for blemished skin. I don’t have acne problem but just some uneven skin. I picked this up at Target for $2.74    (6 oz) just randomly. I thought of getting facial wash but ended up with this facial scrub which I liked it very much. I loved the scents of the apricot and the nice and simple tube packaging.

Oh yes, the packaging stated that it was for blemish and oily skin.  On the quick detail of this product. It claimed to leave a lustrous glow with up & up apricot blemish scrub. True to its claimed. It cleanses pores and helps remove dead cells, dirt and blackheads that clog those pores. This blemish scrub is intended for use on oily skin. Contains no aluminum chlorohydrate.

I have tried it for a over a month now and everytime I used it to scrub my face this scrub has definitely done a good job for me! My face feels so smooth and soft. Since this product is catered more for oily skin, I will immediately apply moisturizer on it after.

My face felt freshed and cleaned everything I use it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone! Wonderful product and great value.

Amazing product for the value. Available at Target store or online. I have put the link below.

Cheers! Thanks for reading.