Paula’s Choice & Acure Collaboration


Hey guys! Sometimes you find a beauty¬†brand that gives you serious lust, and you’re just desperate to try them. Does that ever happened to you? And today is when my dream comes true. I was given the opportunity to do a collaboration with Paula’s Choice and Acure. So, thank you!

Oh my gosh! I was super excited beyond imagination. The coolest thing to happened before the end of 2016. Don’t you think!

*press samples

I received these products in my mail a while ago and I’ve been testing them diligently over the past month. When it comes to skincare, I love to give enough time to test them out before I share¬†my thoughts and opinions.

Products I got in the package is Paula’s Choice Skincare Radiance Renewal Mask, Resist Brightening Essence and last but not least the magical Wonderfluff Argan Overnight Hydrating Booster Mask by Acure.¬†These are all full size sample products.

A short summary of my skin type. I’ve combination to dry skin typed and lately I’ve been having good skin days. Woohoo!


I’ll start with this renewal mask first. This product is selling for $36.00 in full size.

Look more radiant –¬†The first step to having¬†a hydrated beauty is to take good care of your skin.¬†Removing your makeup before going to sleep at night is essential for removing impurities that can clog pores, and dull the skins natural radiance.


Having said that, applying this renewal mask once a week after your evening skincare routine is utmost important for a better result to having a radiant and better looking skin tone.


I use a generous amount of this product and apply them as if applying moisturizer all over the face. It feels so good on skin and absorbed nicely leaving skin¬†a slightly dewy finish. It has a nice scents to it which wasn’t overpowering at all. And the best thing is, you don’t have to rinse them.

So, it means that this product is still working to improves and restores your skin tone while you’re taking your beauty sleep. I’ve been wearing this for a couple of times since I got it and there’s some apparent difference to my skin that¬†I noticed. My skin feels so much softer and a patch of¬†the dull skin on my left cheek had disappeared. I’m quite impressed with the results and glad that it’s for all skin types.

I’ll definitely continue to use until to the very last drop.


Moving on is their Resist Brightening Essence which I’m using again today as I blog. With the dry winter air being so¬†unforgiving, I know my skin is going to suffer from it. Is there anything better than having an essence to help REVITALIZE¬†dull complexion!


This product is a little pricey standing at $42.00 a bottle but for something that actually works, then I’m game.


I really like the applicator. It’s elegant and dispenses the proper amount I need. The formula of the essence is lightweight (liquid consistency) and may I say, a little goes a long way. The amount in this bottle is going to last me for a while. In terms of value, I think this is a good investment for your money.


Last product I wanted to mention is this Acure Organics Overnight Hydrating Booster Mask. This product is cruelty, vegan and paraban free. It’s also organic in case you want to know!

I love love love the scents of argan oil and gardenia. It really smells amazing! Ahhh!!! So aromatherapic. Comes in a tube packaging with a net wt: 1.4 fl oz for $19.99.


As I’ve been on the market for a good cream to fight wrinkles is an understatement. I was super excited when I received this with the other beauty masks. This product is particularly targeting on wrinkles and for all skin types.

I’ve been wearing this every single night except when I was testing on the renewal mask before going to bed after I put on my night cream and I’m satisfied with how smooth and soft my skin feels. I can’t say if it knock out wrinkles since mine aren’t visible enough but just the fact that it’s hydrating is what my skin needs for now.


Well, I didn’t have a visible wrinkles but I like to prevent and delay this wrinkle situation as I aged.

Overall, I’m impressed with these products and definitely going to continue to use them.

What changes do you make during winter months to keep your skin in tip top shape? Let me know in your comments below!

This is not an affiliate link but I just checked on their website that if you order now from their website you get 20% off + Free shipping + Free Duo on $65. Use the promo code: PAULADAYS 

Thanks a million for be an awesome friend! Hope you’ve a lovely week. [muah]

Sharon xoxo



Disclaimer: I have been given these products in exchange for an honest product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.  

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My Virgin Sheet Mask First Impression

You¬†wouldn’t believe if I told you that this is my first time wearing a sheet mask.Truth been said, I’m here sharing with you my first impression using BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze Revitalizing Fiber Mask which I got in¬†my this month’s ipsy glam bag.

sheet mask from ipsy

When I was younger I used to hear old wives tales about wearing a face mask. If you’¬†wear a¬†facial mask and you talk or even laugh, you’ll have wrinkles 10 times what you have now. I’m like okay, I don’t have any wrinkles now and do not intend to have them¬†at age 16. So, yes I’ve never wear a sheet mask before to say it bluntly.


Since I got this sheet mask which claims to be natural and cruelty free, so I decided to put this Cucumber Breeze sheet mask for a test on my virgin face.


I read the instructions carefully and it says to leave it for 15-20 minutes. On a clean face, I nervously open the pack and inside is a wet sheet that reminds me of baby wipes but only this one are with holes on it.


Anyways, this sheet mask feels a little slimy and heavy but once I put it on. It feels so great. I feel fully relax and just let this mask do its own thing. Caution on the photo below – if you have faint heart watching¬†Casper the Ghost then, please skip a paragraph of two for that’s how ghostly¬†I looked with the mask on (whoohoohoo!!!)

Let me tell, that I don’t only rest my face but I lay completely still for the 20 minutes with the mask on since I don’t want to have a wrinkle body too, you know what mean! (Hahaha! Those old wives tales still gets into me).

When I put the mask on, I felt a little burning sensation on my skin and then a few minutes past, I felt it more around my nose area and on my chin area.

After 12-15 minutes of wearing this sheet mask, my skin feels tightened and I noticed¬†the sheet mask is slowly drying up. I let it stays on for 20 minutes and then reluctantly I took it off. I would love to wear this mask the whole day but I don’t want to scare the mailman and my daughter’s little bunny at the same time (boohoohoo!) So, I took off the sheet mask and rinse it ever gently. Oh Nelly! I can feel my skin screaming for joy from within. It feels so so good.


My skin feels smooth, healthy with a beautiful glow and revitalized. I’m super happy with the results and I’ll definetly going to¬†get more of these masks. I can actually see the difference and I’m really glad to have these samples in my ipsy glam bag ‚̧


This BioRepublic Revitalizing Fiber Mask really makes my skin feel so good and I’m kicking myself on the¬†butt for what¬†I’ve been missing all these while. Lesson learned for me is that don’t always believe in “Old Wives Tales” ūüė¶

So, does it work on me? My answer will be absolutely yes! I’ll be trying out more sheet masks in the future posts. Or I can recycle them to wear for Halloween or for tree decorations.

Which of the sheet mask is your old time favorite brand?

As usual thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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