5 Drugstore Makeup Beauty Haul + Review


Hey guys,

Remember me telling you guys that I was at Target and got a handful of makeup products?

beauty haul

Well, some of the products I did a review post already and today, I thought I’ll share¬†some here in my¬†beauty haul.

target beauty haul

So, here are my five favorite products. I got the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil for $5,99 Annabelle Smoothliner for $4.99, NYC BB Radiance Perfecting Powder for $4.99, Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation for $9.79 and Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush for $8.99.

nyx jumbo pencil

The first item is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 619 Rust. Net wt: 0.18 oz and it’s cruelty free. Available in 22 vivid shades and formulated using mineral oil and powder. Thus, creating a creamy and voluptuous eyeliner that can be used as an eyeshadow. It’s very soft and smooth and it gives a slightly¬†metallic shimmery finish. I picked this shade simply because that’s the last one standing. This color¬†is of brown rustic warm-toned with some metallic shimmer to spare. Once I buffed it on my lids, it gives a very pretty brown-neutral finish.¬†I wasn’t sure if I’ll like this color in the beginning but after trying it out I’m in love. Amazing color!

annabelle liner

Annabelle Smoothliner Waterproof + Long Lasting Eyeliner in Brownie. Net wt: 0.04 oz. I got this on sale price for $4.99 (regular price $6.50). Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! ¬†I can tell you that this is the most creamiest and smoothest eyeliner so¬†far. I have many types of eyeliners and yes, I’m still searching for that one to be my drugstore holy grail eyeliner and I proclaimed that I have found¬†it here. Yeah!!! No tugging or scratching on lids. Effortless application. The texture is smooth as silk and it comes in seven shades in matte or metallic finish. That’s cool!

sonia blush

Next is this Sonia Kashuk Cream Blush in 03 Blossom. Net wt: 0.15 oz. You won’t believe if I told you that this creme blush is freakingly creamy and oh my gosh! It’s so smooth and it feels very moist on pan. It goes from cream to a smooth powdery feel (but doesn’t look powdery) on seconds. It’s not sticky at all and so easy to blend. This shade is a muted pink that is perfect for porcelain to fair skin. This shade I picked is a little bit too light for my skin tone. There are three available shades of Blossom, Petals and Rosey a Target. I’ll try to get another shade in “Rosey”¬†since¬†I really love the texture and how it’s not scented.

nyc bb cream powder

Okay, this NYC BB Radiance¬†Perfecting Powder I believe¬†was out last December and it was pretty new then. But I have to say that I haven’t seen them until lately at Target. So, out of curiosity, I just wanted to try and share what I think of this perfecting powder. The shade I picked is the 01 Naturally Beige with net wt: 0.20 oz. It arrives in a compact disc¬†packaging with a semi-circle sponge applicator and a half size mirror. The texture is very soft and easy to buff with medium coverage. The price is so affordable for a drugstore brand that actually works.

sonia kashuk foundation

Last but not least is this Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation in 04 Buff. Net wt: 0.06 oz. ¬†Available in six pretty shades from fair, medium to dark skin tone. The packaging is very hardy plastic container. It comes in a pump application format. This is a liquid foundation that is not thick. he consistency is lovely. I’ll put up a color swatch and full review once I have tried this bad boy.¬†Hopefully, it’ll be ready by next week. I have several other products to review on. So, do say tuned and check in daily for your daily post ūüėÄ

Have you spotted any of this NYC face products, especially the BB Radiance in your area? Let me know on the comment below.

As usual thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




L’oreal Mineral Powder|Review|Swatches


I have been doing a few back to back reviews this past¬†few days¬†and believe it or not, I’m really enjoying sharing my thoughts and opinion¬†with you guys. As you can see, there are some¬†products that I like more than the others while there are some which just didn’t work on me.

Let’s take this L’oreal True Match Mineral Powder for instant. The Mineral Powder compact comes in¬†a built-in mirror that’s handy for an on-the-go application. I find this mineral¬†powder packaging to be simple and nice.

loreal powder review

The shade I pick is in¬†Sand Beige W4-5 with net wt: 0.31 oz. Behind this packaging L’oreal claims it can hold up to 16 hours of fresh, true color without oil breakthrough which blew my mind.

Obviously, I got to pick this babe and try it out myself.¬†I tried applying them on and I’m glad to say that it did a good job on concealing¬†the redness around my nose and it leaves a soft mattifying finish. I don’t see any shine on.¬†I’m more of a dry skin type and when on me, I don’t feel that it’s cakey and was able to build-up beautifully. The formula is very lightweight and the¬†silky texture works best for touch-ups and as setting foundation. Since it’s not cakey, you’ll get a sheer¬†coverage that is buildable.

This mineral¬†powder works pretty¬†well on natural lighting and to put it to the test, I took a photography test and it turns out good. And after a few¬†hours wearing I still can’t see any shine on it. Overall, this mineral powder is oil-free, fragrance free and it doesn’t break out on me.


The absorbent formula helps control oily¬†shine which is good news for many. I have to say that it is an excellent powder for normal to oily skin type. But as for the 16 hours claim, I don’t see the staying power to last that long since on me it lasted only for about 2-3 hours. I have to retouch-up after the 3rd hour.

There are eight shades available which are from fair to medium tone and¬†you can easily find at any Walmart. You can also find this product at your¬†local drugstore, Ulta, Boots, Amazon and L’oreal online.¬†For the price of $12.88 for a drugstore brand, in my opinion I find it to be averagely priced consider the quality you get from L’oreal Paris ūüėÄ

hard candy review

Hard Candy Face Primer is fragrant free and I have a lot of fun playing with it. First of all, this primer like any other primers share the same texture of being smooth, featherly light and he formula absorb quickly into skin. It claims to minimizes skin imperfection and leaving skin velvety smooth.

I’ve tried it¬†for a few days under my foundation, I don’t see any¬†different when using this primer to be honest. Conclusion is¬†I’m not too crazy with¬†this face primer¬†and no hate either. So, this face primer is just a miss for me. But to be fair, having said that I still think that it’s a decent primer given the cheap price in store. I guess I’ll leave it all to your¬†¬†own.

What do you think of this review? Do you find them helpful?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




Drugstore Beauty Haul|Review


Hey beauties!

Remember last week when I had to go for my surgery. But before that I went to grab a few things from the drugstore (Shopper’s Drug Mart) in preparation for my hospital stay. I just picked some sample size products to bring with me just in case.

So, here’s what I picked:

drugstore beauty haul

Revlon Fast Dry Nail Enamel in 310 Essence. Net wt: 0.5 fl oz 

Olay Sensitive Unscented Body Wash. Net wt: 1.7 fl oz

Pantene Pro-V Weightless Shampoo. Net wt: 1.7 fl oz

Essence 3D Duo Eyeshadow in 04 Irresistible Caramel Cream. Net wt: 0.09 oz 

CK One Shock for Him 0.68 fl oz 

drusgtore haul

I didn’t get the chance to use them except for one product while I was in the hospital but I did managed to try them later at home.

My first day at the hospital,¬†they have a patient assistant which helps me with sponge bath. I pass her¬†my¬†Olay body wash and was¬†glad that I have it handy with me. It’s unscented which is good news and I do feel fresh after that ūüėÄ

3D eyeshadow color swatch

Okay, this 3D Duo eyeshadow packaging by Essence looks pretty similar to its other eyeshadow collections. This shade looks a little bit muted when applied dry but with wet it gives a darker shades and looks great against my brown eyes. This is definitely a good value for a duo eyeshadow pan but the quality is on an average. I would prefer that it’s much creamier with softer texture.

Available in nine pretty shades at any drugstores, Walmart, Target and Ulta.

3d eyeshdaoeyeshadow look

I feel that the texture is not smooth and soft enough to pull through a shimmer shadow. It’s not creamy at all except with beautiful pigments. I will not repurchase again once I have finished with it. This is my opinion only and I’m sure many of you might have the love for it but this 3D shadow is a miss for me.

revlon nail enamel

I also got a Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in 310 Essence. I love this opaque shade of ash blue to wear especially after a surgery. Red reminds me of blood so for now I’ll rather stay with more calming tone¬†of green and earthy shades.¬†This looks like a fun color to play with when I’m bored (he!he!)

Do you know that Revlon has 32 cool colors available for you to choose! So, what are you waiting for? Spring is almost here and why not splash some pastel colors on your nails!

revlon op speed

First coat and second layers dries up quickly which is a plus for me since I’m very impatient when it comes to manicure. The colors are very pretty and it lasted me for a week without chirping. It’s not like those shimmery finish type nail polish. Neither is my nails look dull.


CK One Shock for him by Calvin Klein spray vaporizer is perfect for traveling. I did a review on CK One Shock for her in my previous posting¬†but I just couldn’t get enough of this spray vaporizer. It’s the same size as for her except this one is in lime green packaging. It’s so easy to use and with just one spray I smell fresh half a day. The plastic packaging makes it durable and easy to bring in a purse or in the gym bag.

I don’t mind using male or female perfume as long as it smells wonderful to and on me! This CK One Shock for him has a very sporty and active scents to it. It¬†has a light and fresh smell which I truly love. I’ll be wearing this when I go for my physiotherapy treatment.

Lastly the Pantene shampoo which I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll put it together in my next empties.

So, that’s it on my mini drugstore haul. Hope you enjoy and find it interesting.

What is your must bring product when you go travelling? I love to hear comments from you.

As usual, thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Beauty Haul|Makeup|WalMart


Hey beauties,

It  has been a while since the last beauty haul which I did several weeks ago. Well, I am back with some of the makeup products which I am very excited to share with you guys in this beauty haul. I picked up a few of the makeup products from Walmart yesterday and I almost jumped with excitement when I saw the Milani brand at this Walmart. I have been meaning to order some of the makeup online from Milani but now that I found it at my nearby Walmart, nothing is going to stop me now (giggling).

beauty haul walmart

I’m so happy to pick up some interesting and best makeup product for this week’s beauty haul. I’m not sure if it’s just me or the season’s changing. I just started to feel like going for a more neutral nude shades than my usually classic red. But don’t get me wrong, red is still my old time favorite and next is nude.

Let’s see what I picked up in my stash. I have …

beauty haul

Top left-right : Hard Candy Sheer Envy face prime/Milani Statement lipstick/Wet n Wild lipstick/Pure Ice nail polish

Bottom left-right: Milani Illuminating Face Powder/Milani Baked Blush/L’oreal Gentle Mineral Powder¬†

milani lipstick

On¬†first glance, I fell in love with this beautiful Colorful Statement Lipstick by Milani.¬†The shade boasts more than two dozens colors from¬†Corals and Reds, Orchids and Plums, Nudes, and Pinks. So, you’re bound to find a¬†favorite color and at this beauty bargain price you will want an entire wardrobe ūüėÄ

The color is opaque, richly pigmented with matte finish. I love the nude shade I picked which is called Naturally Chic in 25 and I just can’t wait to try it on and share my thoughts and opinion in the next coming review. Net wt: 0.14 oz for $6.88

milani face powder

Next is this Milani Illuminating face powder¬†in 02 Hermosa Rose with net wt: 0.35 oz for $9.88. To be honest, I pick this face power mainly because of the flower petals designing and of course for the highlighter/bronzer/blush too. I’m like Oh My Gosh! I have to get this one no matter what! I’m absolutely intrigued by this adorable face powder and I totally going to give my two cents on this beauty for sure.


Another favorite pick is this Baked Blush in 08 Coralina. Net wt: 0.12 oz for $9.88 depending on the area you lived. Available in nine pretty¬†shades. It’s so silky with¬†smooth texture and creamy. It blends well and gives a warmth look. I’m thrilled with all these findings and can’t wait to try them out on tutorial and reviews. Oh by the way, do you know that Milani’s products are cruelty free including¬†this baked blush?

l'oreal true match

L’oreal True Match Gentle Mineral Powder in Sand Beige with net wt: 0.31 oz for $12.98.¬†I have been picking up quite a handful of bronzer and highlighter combo lately and I thought of trying this mineral powder instead. Available in eight gentle shades at Ulta, Boots and drugstores. It claims to works great for touch-ups and setting foundation. I love how smooth the texture is and highly pigmented. I’m not going to leave the cats out yet. Ha!ha!ha! Wait for my review on my thoughts and opinion.

wet n wild closed up

I heard¬†some positive notes on this Wet n Wild Megalast Lip color in 900B Pink Suga and since it’s only $2.84, I don’t mind grabbing one¬†into my shopping bag. It comes in twenty-six amazing shades which is semi-matte and cream finish look. I really enjoy this awesome pigmentation from this Wet n Wild lipstick. This shade gives a natural looking finish on swatch.

hard candy face primer

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer with net wt: 0.40 oz for $1.00 on liquidation/sale. This primer is very soft and feathery light. I really like to try sample size products if I’m not very sure of a¬†brand. So, having this sample I will be able to try it out to my heart content and then decide if it works for me. I look forward to be¬†bff, but before that I need to get to know Miss Candy first, or should¬†I say¬†Hard Candy!

pure ice brush

Last but not least is the Pure Ice Nail Polish in Flirt Alert. Net wt: 0.58 oz for $1.97 and incredible price for a beautiful color. This is a hot pink nail polish which makes me think of Spring.

That’s it for this week’s beauty haul and I hope you enjoy reading them and find it helpful.

Which is your favorite Milani makeup products?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Dollar Store Beauty Haul


Hey guys,

I received a few request from friends recently to do a dollar tree haul or dollar store haul. Since I don’t have a dollar tree store here I’ll go a head and do a dollar store haul instead. The structure is quite similar where items are sold at $1.00 to a maximum of $3.00.

Okay, I don’t usually buy things from dollar store except for¬†party stuff for my son or plastic sandwich bags for lunch. So, here are some of the stuff which I picked up recently for this haul.

Why dollar store products? First of all, you can find similar items in the¬†drugstores¬†and¬†paying the regular price which are more pricey than the dollar store price. So, I’m trying to save a couple of dollars here and there. I’m like why pay more, right?

Besides my obsession for makeup, another product which I really enjoy purchasing is¬†body wash. I managed to grab a few good finds at the Dollar Store and I’m excited to share them with you guys ūüôā

beauty haul dollar store

Hair & Body Products:

1) AXE Dual 2 in 1 Shampoo РConditioner (net wt: 650 ml) for $3.00. I enjoy smelling amazing and beautiful scents on hair and body, no wonder I fell in love with this AXE or anything about AXE to be precise. Fabulous smell! They really have an incredible formula for hair and conditioner which my husband also like. Directions behind the bottle: Wash, Attract, Repeat.

2) St Ives Mineral Therapy Hydrating Body Wash (net wt: 709 ml) for $3.00. I picked this because it claims to be formulated without parabens and dermatologist tested. I really like the clean smell of this mineral therapy body wash. I’m going to try it out and will be back with a review on my thoughts and opinion.

3) Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash (net wt: 354 ml) for $2.00. Oh yeah! This gentle exfoliator is truly microscopically tiny. It smells good and refreshing. Can’t wait to clean and exfoliate my dry skin actually but no I’ll wait till I emptied my St Ives exfoliating body wash first which should be soon.

4) Olay Body Wash + Body Butter with jojoba butter (net wt: 295 ml) for $2.00. Again, this body butter has a lovely smell no doubt. It claims to satisfy dry skin with intense moisture in just 5 days. Okay, seriously is it just me or you too are curious to try this body wash cum jojoba butter in your shower after reading this?

parfume dollar haul

Health & Beauty Products:-

5) Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Spray On (net wt: 100 ml) for $1.50. I always have a bottle of this in my Medicine cabinet. The secret of this peroxide is not only to kill harmful bacteria but also to remove liquid foundation from fabric stain. This is an absolutely must have.

6) Remembrance Forever Mine an impression of Always Yours by Ralph Lauren (net wt: 100 ml) for $3.00. I’m a huge fan of Ralph Lauren fashion collection all the way to its perfume. I’m surprised to find this impression or copy fragrance at the Dollar store. It has a nice fresh fragrant scents which I have to admit to be quite pleasant. I’m going to wear it¬†when I’m running a short errand.

7) Sweet Kisses an impression of Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Kiss (net wt: 50 ml) for $3.00. The first spray I tried smells like when I’m at my dentist office. It has a clean and subtle scents. I plan to put in my powder room for guest or family friends who visited to wear. The packaging is pretty as a decoration.

8) Elf Eyeshadow Brush for $1.50. Lastly is this brush. I really find that this elf eye shadow brush is handy¬†when I’m working on my shadow.¬†It takes a good amount of powder from the palette to apply on lids and crease. So, I’m going back¬†to get a few more brushes to stock up.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy this Dollar store haul and f you like to see more of my Dollar store post, don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Since I have a few body wash to try and do a review, please be patient and it will all be up soon.

Which is your best pick from your Dollar store or Dollar tree store? Please share your findings.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo



High End Mini Beauty Haul!

Hey friends!
Oh yes! Another mini haul for this week. Have I told you lately that I love doing beauty hauls? Okay, I probably have and if not, now you know that I do :-). Last week, I ordered some makeup products and they arrived by¬†mail today. So, let’s continue reading and see what’s in …. posting.

high end beauty haul

Yay!!! You got it. That’s some awesome products which I have been trying to get hold of. I have been getting lots of drugstore makeup and recently I just wanted to expand my obsession a little more¬†to some high end products. The culprit may be because of all the great deals and holiday special promotion that¬†lures me into¬†opening my wallet wider ūüė¶

Let’s start, I got some cool stuff like this Benefit Brows a-go-go, Too Faced Concealers and a Mac Matte Lipstick.

closed up mini haul high end beauty haul (2)

Benefit Brows a-go-go ($38.00) / Too Faced Concealers in Honey and  Perfect Nude ($20.00 each) / Mac Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger ($16.00). 

Brows a-go-go by Benefit has¬†this exclusive kit you can line and define your brows AND eyes wherever you go-go. It’s got everything you need for a professional eye-look anytime, anywhere. It comes with a¬†light and dark powder shades for brows and darker chocolate as the wax. This kit contains¬†brow highlighter powder on the left and eye bright in the pinkish color. It also has a smoking liner pencil, mini tweezers and talent brush dual-end all in the same compact kit.

Too Faced claims that their concealer is long-lasting, creamy concealer that gives you the power to create sheer-to-full coverage. Able ti hide imperfections and mask redness. Super pigmentation. It fights puffiness and has natural ingredient that hydrates. It comes in a small tube but a little goes a long way.

A full reviews will be up after I have tried them thoroughly which includes color swatches, photos, makeup look and my two cents opinion.

mac matte lipstick

Mac Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger which is a coral red shade which¬†I really like. I haven’t got many coral color lipstick and I can’t wait to wear this lovely shade.

I’m so excited with so many makeup goodies that I’ve ordered and don’t go away for more exciting and new makeup products on my upcoming posts.

Hope this mini haul helps and you find it interesting. I really enjoy doing this beauty haul and I hope that you have as much fun reading as I do writing.

As usual, thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Walmart Mini Beauty Haul!

Hey lovelies!

It’s time to go shopping again and this time I happened to be at Walmart and so I picked up these few beauty products for my haul this week.

mini haul

So, I pick this two gift sets, a foot scrub and an eyeliner from this trip. I’ve seen many lip smacker and I’m just as excited when I saw this pepsi lip balm. As usual, I find the packaging quite intriguing.

mini chubby by flower lip balms

I love this mini chubby sticks by Flower. It comes in a pack of three with three shades to wear for day and for night. For $9.00 a set is a steal.

As for these lip balms, who can resist the temptation of tasting it, right? Mountain dew, pepsi in wild cherry and cherry vanilla. It such a festive green and red color cherry lip balm for this Christmas. Smells wonderful and taste just right on lips! And by the way, I did my review posting on the lip balm earlier today and the rest of the products will be review later on after I have tried them.

annabelle eyelinerfoot scrub

Annabelle kohl eyeliner in 156 Rhone (Dark grey). I’m always in the hunt for a perfect eyeliner and kohl is one of my favorite liner that I tend to pick.

Foot scrub by bare foot in Lavender and mint is a random purchase. It was on special for $2.79 (retail price $3.99) and I really love the smell of lavender and so in my shopping bag it goes.

Have you tried any of the lip balm or lip smacker?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


Beauty Haul – Target Makeup Haul!

Beauty haul Target-pic

Hey beauties! Last¬†Wednesday¬†morning as I drove passed Target, I decided to check out some new makeup arrival¬†and my just browsing¬†always ended up with me picking up a¬†few¬†interesting¬†items which I’m excited to share today.

beauty haul-pic Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Fall Lip Palette (net wt: 0.21 oz)  for $22.99

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Brush Couture 4 pcs brush for $12.99 on special 

NYX Eyeshadow Single in ES54 Cherry for $5.99 

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in 220 Soft Honey (net wt: 1 fl oz) for 7.99

Maybelline Dream Wonder in Sun Beige (net wt: 20 ml) for $12.99 

              cg readysetgorgeous foundationDream wonder maybelline

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation was a very much requested makeup item that I received from friends to do a review on. So, I have to get down to business and try this little babe and see how it fairs out on me. It comes with 12 variety of¬†shades and it smells wonderful. I just can’t wait to try it ūüėÄ

Next is the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation which many beauty gurus have been raving about for sometime on youtube. It looks to me that¬†practically all the beauty gurus I watched seems to be using it. Well, you guys know me that I’ll not miss out on a rave like this. So, I got this :-O

nyx eyeshadow

NYX eyeshadow Cherry is so pretty. Couldn’t resist to pick this cutie. The pigment is so rich and creamy. Love this dark pink Cherry and I’ll be trying it out soon for my Dark pink eye look tutorial and review.

sonia kashuk brush

Sonia Kashuk 4 pcs Brushes are amazing. I love the printed design on the brush. I opened up the packaging immediately as soon as I reached home. I don’t usually buy a lot of makeup brushes but this one looks pretty. OMG!!! It’s so soft and I simply love them. I know that I will be using these bad boys soon. It has a powder brush while the other 3 are for blending, smudging and angling eyeshadow. Pretty neat, huh?

sonia kashuk lip gloss palette

Sonia Kashuk Fall Lip Gloss Palette¬†is my first time purchased. I usually browse through their counter but don’t seems to be able to pick up anything. But this time, this lip gloss¬†palette seems to speak¬†to me. Obviously, I have to get it because those are the colors of my dream. I wish to have an array of red to cherry lips and here I found what I have been missing. These deluxe gold palette houses 5 shades of red satin matte finish that’s perfect for every¬†occasion.

So, there you have it, my¬†beauty haul for this week. I’ll try them out and leave my review in my next post.

What is the NYX product that you are going to pick up today?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo


Beauty Haul – Combo Mix Makeup

Happy Friday friends!

Finally, I got some of the makeup for this week’s beauty haul that I have been meaning to talk about. I got them from different drugstores and at Target. So, this is going to be an exciting haul since as you can see they’re sort of a mixed an match haul. Let’s see what I hauled in the bag ūüôā

beauty haul beauty haul combo

elf HD Blush in Diva  from Target for $8.00 (net wt: 0.34 fl oz). 

Maybelline Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara in Black (net wt: 0.29 oz)

The Body Shop Concealer Pencil in 04 for $12.00 (net wt: 0.13 oz) 

Nivea Pure & Natural in Milk & Honey (net wt: 0.17 oz)

Physician Formula Happy Booster in Bronze/Natural (net wt: 0.38 oz)

Sax Elegant Makeup Book in Fantaisie de printemps for $7.99

elf hd blush

I picked this elf HD Blush in Diva because it has such a lovely and vibrant color. I tried it on my hand before picking it up and the pigmentation is remarkable. It might be a little too pinkish for me but I have to try it anyway. I just love the fact that with just a tiny squish of this formula, is enough to cover both my cheeks. There are 5 beautiful shades available to choose from.

So, a little goes a looong way. Besides, the price is reasonable and the quality is good. I like this bottle¬†packaging that comes with a pump. The downside of this elf blush is that is has a heavy color stains. I feel that¬†it’s impossible to blend well especially when it started to dries up.¬†You will like it if you have been using liquid blushes before.

eyepalette sax

Sax Eyeshadow Book is another item which I picked up at  my local drugstore. Sax is an Australia cosmetic brand. I put a link here SAX. I just loved the packaging and bought it for that reason. There are 12 color shadows and all having shimmery finish. Average pigment formula and soft in texture. It consists of 2 pretty blushes which has nice dewy coverage. I paid $7.99 for this book.

maybelline masara big eyes

The next is Maybelline Big Eyes waterproof mascara. Well, I’m not a big fan of mascara because it gets messy on me but when I do, I love to wear pretty mascara that can elevate my lashes more. I picked this because of the duo ended brush. One for the upper lashes and the other end for the bottom lash. I read some good reviews on this product and so I¬†wanted to try it.

the body shop concealer

The body Shop Concealer Pencil is something that I have been longing to get. Since I have dark circle under my eyes, this is like my most wanted makeup ever. It masked blemishes, uneven skin tone and redness. It has 5 color shades to select. Definitely a good buy for me. Anyways, I will try it and share  my 2 cents in my next post.

nivea lip balm (2)

Okay, this Nivea lip balm is more of a random picked since it was on sale. I have used Nivea products before but never on lip balms. So, I don’t mind trying it out and see if I like it. And since I have too many lip balms already, I’ll give it to my husband to use. It has these pure and natural formula that I’m sure my husband will love.

physician formula blush

Last but not least, is the Physician Formula Happy Booster. It serves as a bronzer and blush. Again, love the packaging. It’s light and has a mirror on the second tier compartment that comes together¬†with¬†a brush. Will definitely try it and review coming soon!

So, there you have it. A combo mixed of all the beauty haul that I have purchased and hope you like it.

When was the last time you bought a random drugstore makeup? Please leave comment below. I love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo

Beauty Haul – Awesome Drugstore makeup edition!

Good morning friends! It’s Friday and I’m back with my usual beauty haul. I love shopping and especially when it comes to buying makeup. Yes, I am still saving for getting more makeup but these beauties are hard to resists. Again,¬†I ended picking up a few of these wonderful beauty products which I like to share my thoughts with you guys. So, here’s what I picked:-

Beauty Haulbeauty haul, drugstore makeup
OPI Nail Lacquer Nagellack in NL908 Front Lawn (net wt: 0.5 fl oz) for $9.95
OPI Nail Lacquer Nagellack in NLT34 Uh-oh, Roll Down the window (net wt: 0.5 fl oz) for $9.95
NYX Extreme Lip Cream in 05 Bonfire (net wt: 0.23 oz) for $8.99
Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA Concentrate (net wt: 0.17 fl oz) РSample freebie with purchase 
L’oreal Glossy Balm in 250 Baby Berry (net wt: 0.09 oz)
Revlon Nail Art Neon in 12 Neon Light (net wt: 0.26 fl oz)
NYX Lipstick in 536 EROS (net wt: 0.14 oz) $5.99

opi nail polish Opi nail lacquer
OPI Nail Lacquer Nagellack in NL908 Front Lawn¬†/ OPI Nail Lacquer Nagellack in NLT34 Uh-oh, Roll Down the window –¬†why am I choosing a bright color shade of greens? Hmm… well, for one thing is that I love green.¬† From green sweater to green macha tea and same goes for nail polishes. So, I can’t turned away from these two evergreen colors. The darker shade of Uh-oh, reminds me of autumn and¬†therefore it’s more like a treat for me. Review coming soon!
nyx lip cream vichy retinol sample
NYX Extreme Lip Cream in 05 Bonfire – first of all, I have to admit that this is the first time I picked up a lip cream from NYX.¬†I’m at awe at this 2 in 1 combo, with¬†lipstick and lip gloss combined. Added with this insanely¬†pigmentation all in one. Oh my gosh! How awesome can it get? That’s a bonus point for this awesome lip cream. Love the sweet candy scents. The color choices are a little bit limited compared to¬†the¬†Extra Creamy lipstick. It has 11¬†shades in all. The price is reasonably priced and it’s great value for money.
Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA Concentrate – well I got this as a freebie after purchasing some makeup products from my local drugstore. It’s a new generation wrinkle filler treatmentas stated at the back of the packaging.¬†To be used daily in the morning on clean face and neck. One thing for sure is that¬†the formula¬†smell nice.
l'oreal glossy balm
L’oreal Glossy Balm in 250 Baby Berry – lovely color berry to keep chap lips away. The truth is that I was not really a lip gloss person but I have been recently since after trying the Smashbox Santigolden Hot Lava lip gloss, I’m hooked to lip gloss and lip balm. So, I have been picking up quite a bit of lip balms for the past few weeks where you will see in my other blogs. This l’oreal glossy balm looks very similar to Revlon Colorstay lip¬†balm stains¬†in crayon style packaging. I will be trying this out for review. It claims to¬†have¬†long lasting wear and gives a high dose of pigmented shine, smooth and conditioning to keep lips soft.
revlon neon nail art
Revlon Nail Art Neon in 12 Neon Light – oh wow! this is a nail polish that I must have. It has 10 bright funky shades. It’s like the starburst¬†or skittles candy which is so yummy. So, that’s how I felt when I pick this up. I haven’t try this yet and so, I’ll post it on my next blog where I’ll do a mini home-manicure.
nyx lipstick
NYX Extra Creamy Round ¬†Lipstick in 536 EROS – bright coral red creamy lipstick. On the website it says that this lipstick is mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvety texture and it resists¬†wear and¬†smudging.¬†It’s a go-to lipstick. They have a jaw-dropping color shade selections¬†which will¬†fit anyone’s color taste. I personally love the consistency of this creamy and velvety finish. It glides wonderfully and love the bright color of red. I’m sure by now, many of you know that I’m a real big fan of red lipsticks. So, NYX lipsticks are one of my favorite drugstore brand.

That’s it for this week’s beauty haul and I know that I will have a long backlogged of reviews, I’m trying to get done as much as I can. So, I’ll have a new post up tomorrow ūüôā

What is your favorite color nail polish from OPI?

For now, will chat with you later, lovelies !

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo



Mini Beauty Haul!

Good morning friends! It’s Friday and it’s that time of the week that I share my beauty haul. This week I’m going to have a mini makeup haul since I have overspent my budget on makeup for October. But this mini haul is special in a way because I have been wanting to get the Too Faced and Bourjois makeup for sometime and finally that day came. I got them actually¬†while I was shopping for fall¬†sweater. The price were reasonable and ¬†I’m perfectly happy with my purchase. So, let’s see¬†what I got here!

mini makeup haul mini haul

Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick in 205 Atomic (Net wt: 0.07 oz)

Too Faced Glamour Gloss Voluminizing Lip Gloss in First Time (Net wt: 0.12 oz)

Bourjois Illuminating Touch in 96 Rose Universel (Net wt: 0.05 oz)

L’oreal Visible Lift Smooth Absolute Foundation in 170 Natural Beige (Net wt: 0.85 fl oz)

bourjois blush

Bourjois Illuminating Touch is a must get for me. I’ve seen and read good reviews from some UK beauty bloggers and I just have to get it to try it myself. I love the packaging very much and Bourjois is one of my favorite high street brand.

L'oreal foundation

Next is this L’Oreal Visible Lift Instant Anti-Aging Makeup foundation which it says to instantly reveals supersmooth skin.Skin feels¬†silky, smoother, luminous, flawless and weightless coverage. It came with a nice brush and it would be super convenient to bring when travelling. It came with 7 other different shades to choose.

revlon colorstay smoky stick

Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick comes in 10 different shades and can be worn for 12 hours. I like the 2 ways crayon type cream shadow which is so easy to apply and a perfect size to drop in my bag. Both sides have shimmer in this formula. I will do¬†a smoky eye look with it on my next blog together with my review. I’m excited already! Yoo! Hoo!

too faced lip gloss

Lastly, is the Too Faced lip gloss which I need to have it when I saw it. It has a nice packaging with a beautiful crystal on the top. I got mine in First Time and true that¬†it was¬†my first time to pick up¬†a higher-end lip gloss and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I look forward to wearing it and share my thoughts on it.

So, we come to the end of this week’s mini haul and I’ll be sharing with you more of my beauty haul next Friday. In the meantime, I will be doing some of the reviews after I have tried them and if you like to have a full reviews of any of the products, please leave your comment below.

Which is your favorite high end makeup product ?

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend!

Sharon xoxo


Beauty Haul – Makeup Haul!

Happy Friday Beauty friends! It’s Friday and it’s time for Beauty Haul! Yay!!!

This week, I’ll be sharing with you guys some of these makeup haul which caught my eyes when I was at Winners (Canadian Retail Chain Stores).Well, this¬†may be my may¬†impetuous buy but I’m happy that I got them. I’m obsessed with makeup and so I have to get them.¬†Once I have tried them thoroughly I’ll give my thoughts to share them with all of you. But for now,¬†I’m just as thrilled to just post them up.

winners beauty haul

Here are some of my beauty¬†makeup haul. ¬†So, let’s start. I have here the …

bourjois eyeliner pencil khol bourjois lipstick

Bourjois Khol & Contour eyeliner (16h) in 79 Bronze Raffine (wt: 0.04 oz). It says to be enriched with pure pigments and allows for an intense results lasting up to 16 hours. Its soft and blendable formula is ideal to apply both on the inner and outer rims of the eye. Had been tested on sensitive and contact lens wearers. I picked up this¬†bronze color which is perfect for autumn eye makeup. It’s also waterproof so no worries about¬†freaking out.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick. It¬†says to keep perfected pout hydrated for 10 hours.¬†Does it¬†include eating and drinking time?¬† Ok, I always wanted to have a collection of Bourjois’s makeup line¬†and once I spotted it, I¬†can’t resist the temptation to get it. I always love red but this fuchsia seems to speak to me and well with the price I have to get it because it’s Bourjois!¬†On color swatch it has¬†¬†rich pigments and pretty¬†creamy finish. I’m not sure when I will wear this color¬†but I’ll make a review to share.

cake lipbutter balm maybelline age rewind powder

Cake Kiss Me Lip Butter Balm. This I bought because of the cute tube packaging. Furthermore,¬†¬†it’s a limited edition and also¬†I’ll be needing lots of lip balm when the weather gets dryer here. I love to collect limited edition makeup’s too.

Next is the Maybelline Age Rewind “The Perfector- Primer Inside” pressed¬†powder. The white swirl is mixed¬†into¬†the compact to infer the primer inside. Although powder is usually applied¬†after primer¬†, concealer or foundation. It says no caking, no settling. Provide a touch of radiance for a younger looking skin instantly.

I picked this in light/pale. My bad¬†bet, I didn’t see the shades after been drawn with this swirl thingy (giggling!!!). Anyways, this shade is definitely too pale for me. I usually get¬†light to medium shades or just medium. I’ll probably return it or mixed with darker powder. I haven’t decided yet and yes¬†I read some good reviews on¬†this though. Urghh!!! What to do???

revlon lip gloss stila eyeshadow

Revlon ColorBurst Lip gloss has amazing colors and shine that make lips pop.¬†It’s said to be¬†5x more shine than patent leather. I picked up¬†this lip gloss in Embellished, it’s like dark¬†violet/plum color and I like the fact that it’s not sticky.¬†Seems to have glittery formula in¬†it.

Stila Countless Color Pigments Eye shadow in Encore (wt: 0.1 oz). Below are the claims by Stila

Features & Benefits:

  • Endless color combinations in each pan
  • No two Countless Color Pigments are alike
  • Full coverage, pearl formula
  • Long-wearing
  • Vibrant, color-matched compact

stila eyeshadow safari

Last but not least is this Stila Stay All Day-wet to set eye shadow trio in Safari (wt: 0.15 oz). I paid $12.99 for it. Here is a preview of the¬†stay all day shadow. It’s a 3D velvety shadow which are unique, it gives¬†a luxe finish on lids when combined with water. Stila promises an all day wear that‚Äôs crease-proof. I like the looks of these a lot so I‚Äôd be curious about trying one or two shades.

This ends this week’s beauty haul and I’ll be bring in more hauls next Friday.

So, until then, Stay beautiful and thank you for stopping by.

When was the last time you had an impulsive buy makeup? Leave comment below to share.

Sharon xoxo