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That’s A Wrap For 2017

  Happy Holidays everyone! Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I’ll be sharing with you guys my top 5 five favorite YouTubers that has kept me entertained and help me cook the most delicious and authentic food in my kitchen. I’ve been watching Rins CookBook for a year now, so I’m always

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Are You Looking For A New Facebook Group To Grow?

  I’ve seen a bunch of groups on Facebook that a focused on “creating a community” for bloggers. I was really inspired to create one myself and to see it work. The focus of this groups is to create a blogging a community within the group. I will have a few rules on the daily threads

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Guest Post: 5 Shower Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Skin

    There is nothing more relaxing than taking nice shower before going to bed. Let’s face it, when it comes to shower we don’t put much thought into it. We just get in, make sure water is hot and that’s it. Without knowing it, you probably make different mistakes when you’re taking a shower

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