City Color Haul – Some Hidden Gems



Hey everyone! I’m here today to talk a bit of Winners glam, the stuff for my eyes, cheeks and lips. I was randomly in there a couple of weeks ago with my parents just picking up some very random things like clothing and body wash for them when they’re visiting.

As you guys know me, my visit to Winners will not be complete without browsing through their beauty isle. They’ve all kinds of beauty products from nail polishes, brushes to hair and body wash. So, when I genuinely stumbled upon good and affordable City Color Cosmetics products my heart skipped a beat. Now that’s a hidden gems!


Are you ready to feast your beautiful eyes, my friend! Here are the products I thought might be workable. Things I was really interested in trying out on and off for a couple of weeks. So I thought I’d bring you my results. I can’t remember the exact price but I want to say nothing was over $10.00. I’m not sure if these are still available on their website but I want them all the same.

I’ve had this on hand for what seems like a very long time. I remember taking them on vacation with me and really digging into each products then. I’ve also been using it on and off eer since.


First thing I want to mention is this City Color Sculpt & Marvel Eyeshadow Palette. This stunning palette comes with 16 matte – shimmer shadows that includes a decent size black mascara. You know what I mean when I say, I appreciate a good and sturdy plastic packaging. Well, this palette is lightweight and has a half size mirror to boast around.


It features an eye palette with one matte base, seven matte nude shades, one shimmer base and seven shimmer nude shades. I’m liking everything in this palette. Love the color selections. It has a nice light, medium to dark tone in it. I would say the shadows are nicely pigmented and they blend out really well as I was wearing them again yesterday. If you love cool toned neutral color scheme that’s in here and if that’s what you want then you go snatch up this palette.


Dress your lashes in Black with City Color Mascara. A lovely wand that comb and define your lashes well. It didn’t flake or clump on me. On top of that, it’s goes on smoothly and has a long wearing power throughout the day. I like the consistency that’s not overly wet or runny. It goes on your lashes and it’s kind of easy to build on top of itself. I’m so pleased with this mascara.


I don’t usually talk a lot about blush here in my blog but I finally found some that I like to show it to you guys. Look at these packaging, they look so sleek and so cute. I really like them and they really caught my eyes.


I’ll show you what you see on the pan and on swatches. Beautiful colors aren’t they! Love the color payoff. What you see is what you get.


Here are the swatches of each blush shown side by side. Off the bat, I can tell you that the formula is really pigmented and you can either go slow or quick to buildup color that you want. To the touch it feels so soft and kind of velvety smooth.  I’ve been wearing the lighter pink (on the right) by rotation with my Milani blush a few days now and I realized that it does a pretty good job. I really like it. Seeing how pretty the matte ones perform it makes me itch to be bringing you the next berry shade for fall.

I just feel like these are actual shimmer and matte blushes that are really great for the price and quality. I absolutely loves it! Totally worth it.


Next, I’ve this two City Chic Creamy Lipsticks that’s perfect as a transition color from summer to fall. My only pet peeves is that this lipstick doesn’t have a name.


But in honest truth, these shades are so pretty for once I don’t actually care whether there is name on it or not. The colors are so automnal, so fall to me. I’ve tried it on my lips and swatch it for you as well. The colors are so really pretty and reminds me of fall colors. The texture is velvety and so creamy. It feels very nice on lips and comfortable. These buttery lipsticks are awesome for any glam look. This would be a great one to try. I think the product is absolutely beautiful and so surprisingly comfortable on the lips. There’s no real like scents to them and they don’t seems like a super cheap lipstick at all. I was really happy with these. I’d definitely buy these again.


I got the shades in Porcelain and Natural. These liners are matte which you can wear it stand alone or under your favorite lipstick. It certainly feels soft like some of the high end lip pencils I’ve tried.


Love the creamy texture and it feels great on the lips. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this lip pencils honestly. They’re so good. Such a great buy! 

Color swatch

I love everything I picked up at Winners. Good job City Color Cosmetics and thank you all for stopping by and read.

Have you tried any of the City Color products before? What’s your favorite from the bunch? Leave your comments below.

I hope this was helpful for you guys. Thank you so much for taking your time to read. I really appreciate it. Bye guys!

Sharon xoxo


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91 comments on “City Color Haul – Some Hidden Gems”

  1. I haven’t tried yet. But these seem like pretty products. Many makeup lovers will surely give this a try. So adorable and fascinating.


  2. I have never heard of this compnay before, but I am always up to trying out new brands! I love the colors that you showed, they’re what I always wear. I’ll definitely be looking into them! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nope, haven’t tried City Color before. Am really surprised at how affordable they are, considering that they are such lovely products!! Looks like these are new items to get!


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