H&M Mini Beauty Haul


Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog post. I haven’t done mini beauty haul for months and some of you like the haul I did previously and I thought to show you some of what I got from my latest purchase at H&M. Basically I’m showing you what I got for summer.

Let’s jump straight in.


Here’s the products I picked up for this mini haul.


First thing first, is the H&M Precision Sponge in the shade Off White. I was introduced to this blender by my bestie from Stashmatters. I was in search for a close match to the real technique’s sponge and it looks like this one has huge potential.

I like the color and shape. It feels bouncy and soft to touch. It does increased in size when soaked in water. I’ve only tried a few times but so far I like it. I’m quite impressed with the results it gives when used to apply BB cream on my skin. This sponge makes dabbing a breeze and not to mention it blends evenly. But anyways, I’ll continue to test this out and update you guys on my further thoughts and development.


This is a beauty product and it’s my first time trying out from this brand actually. Introducing you to the Dipline Ink in the shade Jet Black.


I’m really fond of the tip applicator. I like the precision and sturdy control of this brush. I works pleasantly well without tugging or smudging. My only pet peeve is that the formula is little runny for my liking. I wish it has better pigmentation and also waterproof for hot summer wear. Otherwise, I really like how it creates my winged liner.


In summer, my skin gets oily and very combination. I’m wearing makeup and going outside and it’s super hot. I want something that stays on and don’t budge under this hot summer sun and I’ve been liking this Radiant Concealer Pen from H&M. It’s working the way I wanted it to be and I’m pleased with it.

It doesn’t make my skin looking oily or greasy. It’s a great concealer if you’re looking for a radiant but yet natural looking skin.


I got it in the shade Ivory.  You know I love easy to apply concealer and this pen works amazingly. It’s a click design applicator just as you would for your pen. In the beginning, it’s hard to get the product’s out from the tube but after that, it’s a breeze.

I love the packaging. It’s lightweight, convenient and travel friendly where you just throw it in your bag.


Another thing that I’ve not stop using is the dual Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush. Ahh… this is so awesome. It says on the packaging that it defines and separate liquids, creams and powders.


It’s of synthetic material but it feels so soft on both the brow and lash. My favorite has to be the eyebrow brush right now.


Last but not least is a random product that draws me for this purchase. I’ve found the perfect duvet cover for a great steal. It’s basically a dream cover that I’ve been loving. I want it to be in my son’s bedroom to reminds him of the cool water. The material is very soft and smooth. It’s made of 100% cotton which I really appreciate and the pattern replicates the Japanese style duvet.

Thank you guys for always reading, please comment and subscribe. I hope you guys enjoyed hearing my opinion and seeing how these products works for me. I’ve some exciting things coming up, some fun stuff that I’ve been working on and I cant’ wait to show it to you. So, I’ll talk to you guys again a later post.

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Sharon xoxo


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77 thoughts on “H&M Mini Beauty Haul”

  1. I’ve never thought about trying H&M beauty. I wonder how good their sponge is… in comparison to the beauty blender.


  2. Hahaha! It’s also because of Stashy that I considered buying the H&M makeup sponge and I love it! I like it better than Real Techniques possibly.. XD

    Next up, I will definitely get some makeup bits as I’m interested in seeing the quality of H&M beauty.


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