Dollar Store Random Haul


Hey everyone! Thanks for joining me in this blog. Today’s post is going to be about Dollar Store Random Haul. I was in there when I visited Ottawa a couple of days ago where I excitedly picked up a few random things. Oh yeah! I’m literately the ultimate tourist.

Dollartree Haul

I noticed they’ve souvenirs for Canada 150th Birthday (which is on July 1st) and so I grabbed a few as a memento. I want to say nothing is over $5 from Dollar Store and they’re usually price around $1, $1.25, $2 and $4.

Blending Sponge

When I saw this Blending Sponge by Jolie Couture, my instinct told me to get it. I don’t really know this brand but I don’t mind trying out new brands and products especially when it costs only $2.50.

I’m very curious to try out this sponge so I let you know what I think in the hit or miss series. So don’t forget to check back later.

Sticker and after sunscreen

I was tempted to go nuts on the sunscreens, but had to remind myself of the insane amount of sunscreens I’ve that I got to finish this year and opted to just picked one. L’Oreal Sublime Sun After Sun Rich Repairing Lotion drew me to it. Made the purchase and I asked my hubby if he’ll help me to use it and was glad that he’s on board with the idea. I burnt to crisp with summer heat and this after sun repairing lotion is what need this summer.

It smells amazing and feels so lightweight. I really like the cooling sensation which is not sticky at all when I rubbed it on my body. Seriously, I’m in love! You guys have to try this.

Next is the Adventure Sticker that I’ve been loving. It would look super cool to have them on my laptop. I’m a sucker for cute things so I can’t pass on this one. I’ll show you how it looks in my snapchat and don’t forget to add me!

Tattoo and keychains

I’m such a tourist in my own country. Grabbed some souvenirs to mark Canada 150th Birthday on July 1st. The Tattoos and Key chains are super cute. I wore the tattoos last weekend and even though it rained, the tattoo was still holding on. It was a big celebration for Canada from coast to coast. Check out my instagram or snapchat where I shared some interesting posts.

Sharp alarm clock

This is a random pick by my hubby. A Digital Alarm Clock that’s only $4 by Sharp that’s a super steal. I’m going to put this in good use once our old Casio call it a day.

Air Wicks Stick ups

Last but not least are two packs of Airwicks in Lavender and Chamomile scents. These are products I love to have them in my home all the time. I need to go back to get a few more packs. They smell amazing and it makes me happy.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read. If you did enjoy this post definitely follow my blog. I hope you come to check on my social media down below. Make sure you are following me on Twitter and Instagram (@heysharonoox) for the latest update. In the meantime come and say hi!

Happy Canada Day, friends!

Sharon xoxo


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  1. Such a nice little haul ❤️


  2. I love love LOVE shopping at the dollar store. I find most of my craft and holiday supplies at the Dollar Tree for super cheap!


  3. momknowsbest15 says:

    It can be hard to now want to buy it all when the deals are great. You made some wise selections.


  4. Cassie says:

    I love scouring through dollar stores for random bargains! Seems like you got a good haul here!


  5. stashy says:

    I love stopping into Dollarama, they always have fun stuff to see. You got great items!


  6. sepatuholig says:

    awesome! I pretty much fancied a post that is random as well….
    instagram @grace_njio


  7. I have never heard about it but it looks I have to check it out products look really good


  8. KYLIE ABREU says:

    Greta haul. Sometimes you can really find some good stuff in poundland (equivalent in the uk)


  9. Claudia Krusch says:

    This is a great haul from the Dollar Store. I love to go and see what I can find. They always have something new.


  10. I love dollar tree come ups! It looks like you made out like a bandit! 😉 Xx-Doran @HauteBeautyGuide


  11. Emily Morton says:

    Even though it’s the “dollar” store I swear I could spend a fortune in there!


  12. I love the Dollar Stores and Dollar Spots. You can find some really great deals!


  13. We always end up finding so many random goodies at our dollar store here in Phoenix! SO many trinkets and fun things to find!


  14. Awesome savings! Definite a frugal shopping hack. I like to try that Loreal Sublime Sun lotion.


  15. There is always a ton of fun stuff to be found at the dollar store!! I like your haul post!!


  16. I love your dollar store finds. It’s one of my favorite places to shop because I feel like I get a lot for my money. And I do love saving money on products. I need some L’Oreal Sublime Sun After Sun Rich Repairing Lotion and those Air Wick stick ups. I use them in my closets and it’s time to replace them.


  17. Danielle says:

    That’s a great haul and those air wick scents are a proper bargain


  18. You can never go wrong with fun stickers. I try to get them often for my planner. The make up sponge is another great find. Hey, girls need to have lots of make up sponges…lol


  19. I need a little clock like that for my kids’ room. That is a great price.


  20. You got an alarm clock for $4? That’s a crazy good deal! I love the Canadian loot, too!


  21. I could definitely use some of those stick ups. I didn’t even kn ow those existed!


  22. New Labels Only says:

    That is really a great haul and that digital clock is definitely a bargain. I bought mine, similar to your hubby’s a lot more expensive, around $20.


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