Tester Wednesday: Origins – Explorer’s Club Travel Set


Hey guys! Welcome back to Tester Wednesday! This week’s series I’ll be talking about skincare products. I picked up this travel size set from Sephora last Christmas when they were having the VIB Rouge sales. I took advantage of their discount and got this gift for myself.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m like always down to try new products. And yes, I’ve been obsessed with skincare and body care lately as you can see here in my blog. So much love needed to take care of my skin during these harsh winter.


This Origins Explorer’s Club Travel Set comes in four skincare products. szsxaaq1



Here’s their claim. Our revolutionary new serum restores glow 5 ways:

#1: De-stress. Persian Silk Tree helps skin rebound.
#2: Smooth roughness. Chestnut Seed Extract refines texture.
#3: Delete dullness. Willowherb restores glow.
#4: Shrink pores. Algae helps reduce oil to help them appear to vanish.
#5: Minimize flaws. Blurs imperfections.

You see, I had large pores around my nose area that I have been struggling with for the past many years. As I mentioned before in my earlier post, skincare product is something that takes time before you see an instant gratification. You’ve to keep in mind to be persistent with your skin care routine or you WILL NOT get the results you expect using any skin care product.

I’ve been using the serum religiously for the past 6 weeks and I can see the result I want, I only use a small amount of the serum on the area of my skin that needs TLC, just a reminder that this formula drys fairly quick so you’ve to work fast! Then, you put your favorite moisturizer or night cream and call it a night. Like any other products by Origins, I love love the smell of this serum. So calming and therapeutic!

I would truly recommend this product to a skin type that needs a little boost of radiance!



Here’s age-smoothing exfoliation if you’ve dry skin. It works well for sensitive skin without irritation. I love this stuff, it makes my skin feel so soft and helps to remove dead skin without making my face feel stripped.

I use this once or twice a week and every time I use it my skin clears up and looks so good.  It works well, is gentle, and smells good, too. What else could I asked for?



Where seaweed is no longer for sushi ONLY!  It contains awesome ingredients such as apricot, avocado and Japanese seaweed. A mask that helps restore, hydrates and prevent signs of premature aging. This product is recommended for dry and normal skin types.

I get extremely dry skin during the winter and this mask has been the only product I starting wearing when I go to sleep. I was a bit nervous of going to bed with this mask on, for fear it’ll cause mess but this mask is great, it feels like moisturizer and didn’t leave any residue on my bedding. I’m loving the smell too. It smells amazing!



I don’t have bad skin, except I’ve a dry to combination skin – but I’ve always had many stubborn tiny blackheads around my nose. I’ve really sensitive skin so the mask probably tingled a lot more than it would for someone else, but the feeling went away within a few minutes. I can feel my skin tightening after a minute into it. This is one of the best detox masks I’ve tried. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft. It’s going to be my favorite go to for a good reason.

My two cents opinion is I’ll be sticking to this product from now on. Incredibly impressed and happy with the results.

Love all their products and will continue to use them. Love how ORIGINS Cosmetics uses NATURAL INGREDIENTS on their products. Definitely going back to order these in full size once I go through them.

Have you tried any of this products before? Would you be interested? Do let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for stopping by and read. Until next time, stay beautiful. Bye for now!

Sharon xoxo


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  1. I’m origins number one fan!!! I love their line. This is a great kit. Also maybe the Zero Oil moisturizer it’s perfect for oily or oily combo skin. I liked the old name for it more, 10 years ago it was called Matte Scientist. They have such fun names for amazing products that may seem pricey but really last a long time!!!

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