Beauty Favorite – Flower Beauty NOTD


Hey guys! Ready for a Flower Nail Lacquer? I sure am.


Seriously, I know that I haven’t done a nail post in awhile and I’ve no idea why! At least now’m starting to catch up on them. Do you remember the post I shared on my Tester Wednesday a while ago? I explained how I stocked up with Flower Beauty products before they took them out the shelves at all Walmart Canada. Well, let’s just say not only did I stocked up their lipsticks, I grabbed quite a bit of their left-over clearance inventories.


I shared photos of some nail color swatches on my Instagram if you care to check it out. I wore this shade before and I’m ready today to give my two cents opinion. I’m just going to jump right in with the review.

The packaging is really cute. Right from the bottle shape to the white cap. Can you tell that I like this shade a lot. It’s so pretty and girly!


I got the shade Aster Place which is a nice rose mauve tone. Which is a very pretty shade to wear for the coming Lunar New Year celebration? Tradition is to wear red on that day but I’ve already planned to wear this aster place with my other red outfit.

Just two coats and without top coat

Love the colors and the smell of this polish. It simply has a nice coverage for a drugstore brand.

I’m usually too lazy to do the top coat and to my surprise it dries pretty fast. Application was smooth and easy. I would say it dries up about 8-10 minutes without top coat. The best part is that I got the full opacity in just 2 coats. This is so cool! I love how opaque the formula is.


This is a good drugstore version polish I’ve wore! Essie is usually my favorite and still is but this one only takes 2 coats. It’s opaque shiny and after 4 days there is only a minimal wear. Which is not bad in my opinion. You see, I don’t like wearing gloves when doing dishes. I like the feel of washing dishes, I don’t know how to explain this. But maybe it’s just me! I’m quite impressed that it long lasting.

Overall, I’m more impressed than I expected to be with this! I recommend to those who want pretty colors that are affordable and they’re cruelty free!! Now, run to Walmart, girls. This is seriously nice.

Let me know what you think. Will it be a yes or a pass if you see this at your local Walmart?

So ya, thanks for stopping by to read and I hope to see you again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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25 thoughts on “Beauty Favorite – Flower Beauty NOTD”

  1. The shade looks really pretty but I’ll be passing. I used to buy any kind of nail polish as long as I liked the color but now I’ve gotten really picky. I’m only buying gel nail polishes or polishes that have a gel top coat within that same brand. I can’t believe they took out Flower Beauty from all Walmarts in Canada….do you know if that’s just Canada or US too? What other Flower Beauty products did you get?


  2. I like that it already has a glossy finish. The pigmentation is quite nice too. Two coats is enough without a doubt. I like the color, can’t wait to see what other colors they offer.


  3. I love how well this polish looks on your nails. It looks like it goes on smooth and dries with a nice sheen. This shade is also very cute! It is fabulous that it be bought at the drugstore as well. This is a new shade I will have to try!


  4. I’m not familiar with Flower brand, but I am in the U.S. I also have not looked at nail polish in Wal-Mart in quite some time. I am always busy, so I usually purchase nail polishes that state they dry quickly (usually 2 minutes or less).


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