Question Tuesday – What’s your Beauty Resolution?


I loved this! It’s so simple and positive every single thing on this list! Don’t you think?


I vow to: 

  • Tell myself that I am beautiful every. single. day. Quite straight forward. Hahaha!
  • Is to love my body the way it is, and know that I am beautiful
  • Find my look or style and embrace it to it’s fullest
  • Water water water and more water!
  • Take five minutes every morning to stretch so I feel refreshed and ready for the day! :]

Come on now! I know you got some incredible resolution you’re dying to tell. I’m all ears babes!

Comment below and share list of your beauty resolutions, which I think is brilliant considering New Years Eve is quickly approaching. Share yours here like confetti-es!


Thanks for stopping by the blog. Have a great week, everyone!

Sharon xoxo



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  1. I’m not a resolution person, but I wish you luck with yours! And hope you have a happy holiday season 🙂

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  2. No resolutions–I never do make them but I do try to think about what I might like to accomplish in the coming year. I would like to make a major dent in my debt (easier said then done!) I want to stay on trrack with keeping my sugar numbers low and try to lose a bit more weight.


  3. Kaily says:

    I love your resolutions! Water was a big one for me this year and I was doing really great but I’ve been slacking. Also, finding a balance between loving myself as I am but still making changes to get to where I wanted to be was a big accomplishment this year for me! Next year I think I hope to continue tracking my weightloss so that I can lose 50 lbs. And I would like to invest in doing things for myself like going to a professional for a nice haircut on a regular basis and maybe even getting a few professional pedicures 😀 I just feel better when I look better!

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  4. drinking water is so essential in the winter. These are great suggestions.


  5. I don’t have any beauty resolutions. I guess the closest thing I have to a beauty resolution is reminding myself to remember to like myself.


  6. Drinking more water is always at the top of my list. Its so easy to do and yet its so hard at the same time


  7. My beauty resolutions is to drink to more water, take supplements such as Omega 3s for my complexion, and also to switch all of my products to natural products with no harmful chemicals.

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  8. Great resolutions!!! I had a ton for 2016!!! I’m makeup obsessed but totally slacked in 2015 because #momlife…. so this year I totally started getting glam again, even if it was only for myself…. not sure yet about what I will do in 2017


  9. roscommonacres1 says:

    Hmmm. Never thought of it that way. I guess try to get more sleep, exercise and eat a little healtheir!

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  10. I looove your resolutions! I haven’t thought about mine but I do them every year. I may have to adopt some of yours!

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  11. I love these! I haven’t done mine yet, or even thought about them, but I may have to adopt some of yours!!


  12. llindaxxo says:

    Oooo this is such a good idea for a post and its almost the new year! Also great resolutions! I should do sone stretching too lol


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