Blogember Best Beauty Gifts 2016


Hi guys and welcome back! So, today’s blog is going to be my first best beauty guide series and it going to be the Best Beauty Gifts for her. I’m doing this a little differently as oppose to my usual postings.


To start of with is beauty gifts. There are so many out this Christmas. It’s so difficult to choose which are the very best one. But today is based on what I personally love and what I would recommend on product wise, the awesome packaging and what’s a good deal.


Starting of with the new BH Cosmetics Marble Collection in Warm Stone. This collection stands out the most to me. I believe there are another shade for cool-toned person but what draws me is definitely the packaging. I really like the marble pattern packaging. It’s so so gorgeous and it looks so luxury. I fell in love with this palette immediately. I can’t stop admiring the beauty. Honestly, who could resist these eyeshadows. I mean, seriously!


This palette come in a sleek, full mirrored case featuring a unique marbled pattern.I’m quite impressed with the formula of these shadows. They’re very pigmented and feel buttery smooth to touch! The color selection is gorgeous with a mixed of matte and shimmer.

Great quality product at an awesome price. At $12 a palette what could possibly beat that! Perfect gift for this holiday.


Moving on is the Duo Cheek Color Floral Blush in Bahama Bronze. This is priced for $5.50 and there is four amazing shades to choose from.

It comes in with a cardboard packaging just like many of BH Cosmetic’s products. I love that it has a decent size mirror that comes with a magnetic closure.


I really love the cute floral design of this blush and couldn’t resist not to pick it. There’s just shimmery enough and easy to build on more to your desire look. Very nice pigmentation and a pretty color for fall.

I’m loving it and would definitely repurchase.


I’m very excited to get this palette in my mail from BH Cosmetics. This is a new release by this brand. It’s a collaboration between Bubz Beauty (a beauty youtuber Lindy Tsang) with BH Cosmetics. Feeling so excited for her.

Introducing you with the palette:

As you can see in front of the palette. The palette is called “Be … “. A lot of thoughts were poured into this 12 eyeshadow palette according to Bubz.  Every morning when you wear this eyeshadow, you will Be …Happy, Grateful, Genuine, Optimistic, Inspired or Bold just to name a few. I’m sure you get the drill, right!


Most eyeshadow palettes that I own from BH Cosmetics are great quality, so I should expect this Be… by BubzBeauty Eyeshadow Palette to perform just as well. It features 12 shimmer and matte shades in beautiful warm tones, perfect for fall and winter.

The shades are beautiful too in case you wonder. Now go ahead and grab this at BH Cosmetics for $18 $12.50

I’m really feeling purple these days. Purple has always been part of the fall trend and I’m just as excited to pick up some courage to rock purple eyeshadows. I’m wearing the purple shadow in the shade Kind on the lids, Confident on the crease and Inspired on the outer corner (#EOTD I posted on Instagram) but if you dare, go for a dark plum instead of purple for an even more stylish look. I’ll be doing a post review to show you the color swatches as well.So, don’t forget to stay tuned!

All products by Bh Cosmetics is cruelty-free for those concerned about this.

There’s a lot of times I feel stress and guilt for neglecting you guys but my health needs me more. Fortunately, you guys have been super understanding and become even more supportive these days =) Thank you so much for making things even easier for me.

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Thanks a million for be an awesome friend! Hope you’ve a lovely week [muak]

Sharon xoxo


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  1. Zakiya says:

    I’ll always be charismatic then, because I LOOOVE that colour!!!! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What beautiful palettes and the bronzer is stunning too! You can’t beat bh Cosmetics prices, wow!


  3. I want all of these! I love the palettes, the colors are so vibrant and look really pigmented.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bethanny Sudibyo says:

    Oohhh, I love these make up that you feature especially the “Be…” palette! I would want to wear those for my everyday look ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love all of these shades in these palettes! Neutrals and warm colours are my favourites. I’m used to buying the Naked palettes, and have never tried BH Cosmetics, but they’re so affordable, I might!

    Jasmine /


  6. Love the bh cosmetics palette ! great color selection !



  7. Everything Meli says:

    That bronzer is beautiful!!!


  8. OMG those palettes are so gorgeous and affordable! thank you so much for sharing them I love your review!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Doris says:

    VERY cool post!!! I am also in love with the purple palette but my fav fav favourite has to be the last on “Be…” with fall and winter upon us I think earthy, golden tones bring us to life since our wardrobes are normally composted of dull coloured outfits and with theses colours… your face will just glow and pop out as it should.


  10. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    Can I have all of these? I love them all!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. sayhellonature says:

    They are all SO pretty! Perfect for Fall. I think I’d wear all of them!


  12. I think I would be on the look out for BH cosmetics from now on. I love their palletes!

    Liked by 1 person

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