Nearly NAKED Foundation by Revlon


Welcome back to Throwback Thursday! An achieve post if you missed on this one. Hope you’d enjoyed reading it. Have a great rest of the week! xoxo

Hey Sharonoox

Hey lovelies,

I wanted to share this Revlon Nearly Naked foundation review with you guys and are excited to jump in immediately.

revlon nearly naked

The shade I picked for this Nearly Naked Makeup is in 230 Nutmeg with net wt: 1 fl oz. It has a good selection of color ranges available for a drugstore brand. I got this from Wal-mart but it’s available at Target, Ulta and local drugstores too.

It is lightweight and has good decent coverage. I notice that the formula is a little runny. This formula is buildable and the color match is spot on.

I’m in love with this Nearly Naked foundation. It gives my skin a happy and healthy glow. When apply on skin you won’t feel the foundation because it’s weightless as if are nearly naked. Skin doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. I will recommend this to my friends who has drier skin type since…

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  1. Scott says:

    I just took my girls to Sephora and think this is one they tried yesterday! I just wish they weren’t old enough for it (they are…)


  2. I no longer use make-up. Revlon is one of the brands I used to buy back when quite frequently.

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  3. I’ve been testing new products lately (I’ve been in a makeup rut for a really long time.) I’ll need to check out this foundation!

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  4. I just love Revlon!!! I swear I have never bought a revlon product I didn’t absolutely love!

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  5. I also love Revlon. I will have to try the Nearly Naked Foundation. I need to make a Walmart or Target trip soon.


  6. Love Revlon! I usually have a hard time finding the perfect foundation shade.


  7. I have been using Revlon products for years now.


  8. toughcookiemommy says:

    I love that this foundation is lightweight. That is one of the things that deters me from wearing foundation regularly, that icky heavy feeling it leaves on your skin.


  9. janella2016 says:

    this was one of my favourite foundations years ago. You should try the maybelline fit me

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