Tester Wednesday – Eyeshadow Quad by Flower Beauty



Happy Wednesday Guys! Hope you’re having a nice productive weekday. If you follow me on my Facebook, you know it’s been crazy for me this past few weeks. I couldn’t believe that the big holiday is just about one month away. It’s crazy but 2016 is almost coming to an end. I’ve a love hate relationship with 2016. I love spending quality time with my family and the opportunity to work with some big brands and all but hate that my health is not getting any better. My consolation is to get up every morning and doll myself pretty!

When I get the chance to stop and look at what has happened the past year, I’ve feelings of extreme sadness and joy, love and anger, gratefulness as well as hopelessness. How can one year change things so much, I wonder? What has gotten me through the year has been this blogging hobby which I’m passionate with. I’m not paid to blog, trust me. I love blogging, my reader friends, and creating content. This has kept me moving forward. I love being busy!

Anyways, enough of my ramblings and let’s get down to business. I’d like to share with you the products I tested for a full week


As many of you know, I’ve been a fan of Flower Beauty and my love for eyeshadow palettes. Let’s just to say that I’ve tried so many palettes before that I lost count by now.

You may know that one of the things I love the most about flower beauty is their eyeshadows. So, frankly, I’m quite excited to see if these quads actually meet my expectation.


I got this two Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quads by Flower Beauty during Walmart clearance sale (pulling out from Walmart Canada). I posted a beauty haul a few weeks ago, I’ll put the link here if you happened to miss the previous post.


I really like this cute white plastic packaging. It’s sleek but compact.  There’s a clear window to the cover and it houses 4 beautifully selected color eyeshadows. It comes also with a double ended sponge-tip applicator in each compact. Well, it’s not that great and I recommend ignoring it and using a shadow brush instead.


First Eyeshadow Quad I’ve is in Twilight Moon. It contains 3 matte and one subtle shimmer shadow. They’re the perfect shadows for smokey eye look.

I find the texture to be amazing and annoying. It’s one of the softest eyeshadows I’ve come across but one of the most powdery textures I’ve used.


What I really like about these eyeshadows are their formula. They’re soft and so easy to blend.

The past one week, I’ve been trying this out. I used the base color all over, the taupe for everyday, and the darker brown on the outer corner. I mixed the taupe and “grey” color for evening night out. Note that the dark brown has a light simmer to it, which I think is brilliant.


Next up is Smoke and Mirrors Eyeshadow Quads. They’re very lovely shades and truly pigmented. I love it a lot!

The three matte colors are, creamy white (very chalky), medium brown and purple/gray. The fourth is a dark brown with subtle gold shimmers. I noticed they do kick up some powder when I dab my brush in but I don’t mind. I don’t have any problem blending it and there’s no fall out. So yay for that!

The secret is that you might want to tap off the excess shadow before applying the shadows. I must say that they blend impressively well with good staying power. I was able to get six hours of good wear with this without a primer, as by eight hours, it had disappeared. And given that it’s of silky soft texture, I’m not complaining either.


I really like the pigmentation and the texture of this quad. They’re nicely pigmented and it has a good selection of colors which is kind of neat. I did an #EOTD which I shared it on my Instagram if you like to check it out.

If you’re someone who is looking for a neutral look then this quad would be a good choice since this is the most neutral palette and the colors would work on anyone including you.


Side by side color swatches of both eyeshadow quads. (left: Smoke & Mirrors, right: Twilight Moon).

Overall, I think this is a decent eyeshadows for the price and you get a good amount of products. All their products are not tested on animal, if this concern you. They’re great shadows, and for $10, a beauty bargain! Also available in 7 lovely shades and exclusively at Walmart or Flower Beauty website.

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Thanks a million for been an awesome friend! Hope you’ve a lovely week [muak]

Sharon xoxo


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28 comments on “Tester Wednesday – Eyeshadow Quad by Flower Beauty”

  1. I am not much of a make up person, but it would be great to have these eyeshadow quads for anytime I would need it. The colors are so lovely! I have not heard of the brand before but I guess they are good enough to try.


  2. I really like the smokey eye pallet. I’m a huge makeup fan. Going to look this brand up. I wonder if they have it in US Walmart Stores. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Honestly I am hearing about Flower Beauty for the first time, but I am in love with that gorgeous eye palette right away. With different beautiful shades this could be a great add-on to my makeup items!


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