Question Tuesday – Best Brands for Eyeshadows


Hi guys, this week’s Question Tuesday is going to be a little bit different and hopefully, if I keep getting questions from you all, we can actually do this on a weekly basis. So, your participation is very important. All you have to do is to leave a question in the comment section and I’ll have it featured on my Question Tuesday.

So, let’s move in to the question.

Question by reader: Could you tell me what are some of the best brands for eye shadows that will still offer a great quality product?

Answer: There are many inexpensive eyeshadow brands out there that will work amazingly for you.


One of the first eyeshadow that comes to mind is the Wet n Wild Beauty Trio Eyeshadow Palette for instance. The shade I got is in 380B Walking on Eggshells. They’ve a nice range of color palette to choose from. They’re richly pigmented and very long lasting.


Another brand I really love is the Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in Earthy Elements. You get a gorgeous neutral shades and you can wear it for day to evening look. This palette is very versatile and it has amazing pigmentation. And if you want a pigmented set for a great smokey eye, check out the 6-color kit in Earthly Elements. They’ve other color palette selection to choose. So, if you’re willing to shell out between 3 and 4 bucks for more shadow choices, Milani is a great option.


Last but not least is this NYC New York Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette in Natural. In this palette you get 12 color shadows from light to black. There are a good amount of matte shadows in this palette with shimmery and metallic ones. If you’re in the market for a budget makeup buy, then this is a nice palette to have.

I hope this helped those who asked the questions, and those of you who are reading this! If you’ve other recommendation, don’t forget to mention it in the comment section.

Thank you for stopping by to read. I hope you enjoyed this post and find it interesting.

Have a wonderful day!

Sharon xoxo


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  1. I agree. You don’t have to spend a ton on shadow. I prefer matte shadows though.

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  2. I wish I could just pick up an inexpensive makeup and use it , but I have to watch what kind of makeup I use around my eyes. I can’t find the great colors that you found in the eye makeup I use.

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  3. I need to check these out. I always shop price, and I need to get better about shopping quality!

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  4. I love Wet and Wild makeup. It is a great price and always goes on nice.

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  5. I totally agree. When it comes to eye shadow I also love NYC. I do not spend a fortune on them.


  6. Thanks for the pointers! I’m clueless when it comes to brands but I like Physician’s Formula!

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  7. You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune to get great eye shadows, some of those high end palettes with their high end prices make my eyes water! I can eat, go out, or buy eye shadow… Hmm, big decision! Decent ones at decent prices is the way to go.

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  8. Tyane Milem says:

    Love the eyeshadow colors. I’m a sucker for neutrals. This is great for my next makeup shopping trip!


    • mybelleelle says:

      The NYC palette by Demi Lovato looks stunning! I love the variety of color in that one. NYC and Wet and Wild are two common brands for me to purchase so I’m happy to see they made the list.

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  9. Thanks for sharing the best brands for eye shadows. NYC is my favorite one. I will love to try Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in Earthy Elements in near future.

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  10. I LOVE Milani eye shadow’s! My sister bought me two randomly one day and they are so pigmented. I use the one every day 🙂


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