Blogtober* Cruelty Free Beauty Favorites!


Hey guys! Welcome back to my Blogtober! Today on this blog, I’m going to talk a little bit more of the products which are not tested animals. Yes, I’m showing you some of the beauty products which are cruelty free. Woohoo!

I’m excited already! Are you …


I applaud to companies that join PETA‘s Beauty Without Bunnies Program. Just recently Netherlands has taken a huge step for Animals in the labs by saying no to animal free testing. I’ll put a link here if you want to do a search of cruelty free products.



I don’t really know how to start. Okay, I’m going to start with my makeup brushes. Brushes don’t affect my life (in a good way) and I seldom talk about them. I find brushes are something quite personal to me just an artist with his canvas and brushes. I’ve my favorite brushes that I keep them handy. I don’t buy a lot of brushes but I do have some that I really really like. I’ll be upset if I lose them (kinda thing).


I ordered this on Bh Cosmetics‘ website and yay they’re cruelty free brushes and I love it. I love the woody look handle that comes with this cute pouch. I like this kit particularly because it has face and eyeshadow brushes in it. Travel friendly and it’s super cute.

They hold onto product very well and are beautiful. The bristles are amazingly soft and do not fall out whatsoever. The brush from #10 (been the smallest) to #1 the biggest one on the left side, they’re just awesome. I’ve been liking these a lot. It’s so good. If you’re in the market to look for a good brush, then you’d loved them for the price and quality.


I like Elf Cosmetics and I couldn’t have enough of it.

First of, I really like the packaging. It’s big, sleek and it has a big mirror in it. I heard it was supposed to be like Laguna and Orgasm by Nars. I don’t know if it make any sense. I don’t I just want it.

The price is ridiculously inexpensive and it has good quality. So when I saw this at Walmart, I know I must have it.


Fall is one of my favorite season of the year. And so, I want to talk a little bit of the next product which reminds me of this season. Probably the colors in the duo drew me to it. I don’t really know but I think so. Ain’t this a lovely Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder guys?


This product is available in three pretty shades for fair, medium and deep skin toned person. The formula is relatively smooth and nicely pigmented. My only complain will be the shimmery finish on the blush. I would prefer a matte finish blush but after wearing it a couple of times, it wasn’t that terrible. I’m beginning to like it. As you all know, I’ve dry-combination skin so the slightly shimmer product helps to make my cheek looks healthier and fresh. If that make sense!


I got this eyeshadow palette for $5.00 when I spent more than $25.00 on my orders. I think Bh Cosmetics still have this promotion on their website. You might want to check it out yourself.


You guys knows that I love Bh Cosmetics‘ eyeshadow palettes and it has becoming an obsession. What I actually do with it is that I hide it in my drawer, I stop using it for 3-4 days and then I open the drawer and I saw it, and we locked eyes. And I’m singing to it, come back to me, baby! I couldn’t put this down honestly.


This is by far, the best formulated eyeshadows I’ve tried from Bh Cosmetics. When I said I’ve tried, I meant many many palettes that I owned from their lines. But anyways, for you guys, I’m going to be busy for the next few days figuring out and playing with the formula to find out any other palettes which you resonates to this 6 colors eyeshadow palette. They really nail it on this palette.


Behold! Just look at this freaking crazy pigmentation. Isn’t it glorious! It’s so cray! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I did the swatches. I mean they’re so creamy, soft and not to mention they’re super gorgeous. I love love it! I could wear these everyday. What I love about this palette? These shadows are so versatile that you could make so many different look with it and I can see myself wearing all these beautiful shades all the time.

Here are the swatches applied on my bare arm and with only one finger swipe. Look at how beautiful this shadows are! You got so many beautiful shades. You can make purple smokey eyes, taupe smokey eyes and bronze smokey eyes. It’s just so wearable. If you like to glam up your eyes then look further, this palette is for you.

I simply couldn’t find anything quite like it. To tell you the truth, I’m quite impressed. This is going to be my pick for this season. I know you’re going to like it as much as I do.


I also love Wet n Wild makeup products and so I got the Coloricon Brow Pencil to try it out. It’s a duo pencil with one end a pencil and the other eyebrow brush. How cool is that, right!


I’m in the shade Blonde Moments now. It’s a little lighter shade for my brows but let’s be real, I admit that I wasn’t blessed with beautiful and achy brows so this shade is perfect for filling in the sparse area for natural look. The key is not to make it too dark that I look “ANGRY”, you know what I mean!


Last but not least is the Cherry Chree Artistic Palette that I picked up a while ago at Winners. This is a long awaited set that had been sitting in my drawer for quite sometime already until today. I’m finally reunited with it again and I can’t wait to test these bad boys.


All the products in this post are all cruelty free. Meaning it’s not tested on animals as claimed by the individual companies. This purchase wasn’t intended but when I saw that it’s cruelty free, I have to get it. Yes, this makeup buying addiction of mine is starting to get the worst of me. I got to stop!

It comes is this box packaging with four single eyeshadows and a synthetic brush. Very cute packaging which reminds me of Mac eyeshadows actually.


My only complain about these eyeshadow pots are their practically nameless. I couldn’t find it on the box and neither behind the pot. Sorry guys, we have to do with this swatches instead. Very flattery and to be honest I really like the pigmentation and the color payoff.

I know you’ll be tired reading this, but I’ve to repeat it so some will know. As usual, all the color swatches I did are on bare hand – meaning I’m not using any primer or eye base unless stated otherwise. All are with single swipe taken directly from the products and on my hand. If you see this artist palette and are into discovering new cruelty free makeup products, I will suggest you get this one. I paid $7.99 for this set and I’m really happy with my purchase. This is my first time buy and I’m hooked with the brand now. Like I mentioned earlier, I pick this up from Winners but you can also find these products on Amazon.

So, in conclusion – we never know what we might get unless we take a bolder step to take the plunge. You’ll be impressed there certainly are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Comment any hidden gem you discovered recently that you like to share. It would be music to my ears.

I know haul is not for everyone and I appreciate it very much that you read until here.

If you’re interested in any reviews of these products, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to do it!

So yeah! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and hope to see you again on my next post.

Have a fab weekend!

Sharon xoxo


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28 thoughts on “Blogtober* Cruelty Free Beauty Favorites!”

  1. BH have great cosmetic to work with, only the color pigment isn’t that great on some of the pigments unless applied wet and when blended out there isn’t much color pay off left. I would repurchase but a different edition because I don’t use most the colors in this one


  2. Those brushes look amazing! I love finding a good makeup brush set. I’ve tried Elf before it;s one of my favourite brands that is cheap to buy. I’m curious about the other eye shadow pallets you shared too.

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