Ciaté Nail Polish – Sephora Bag!


Today’s blog is something I talked about last year and since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’ll share here with you again, in case you miss it. Hope you’d liked it. Have a wonderful Thursday! Ciate London

Hey Sharonoox

ciate nail polish

I got this two items a few months ago all the way from Asia when my daughter went for vacation and  she got me these from  SephoraInside this Sephora bag is the Ciaté London Mini Paint Pot Nail Polish and Feathered Manicure. I’m excited an anxious to share what’s in the bag. Continue reading if you like to see more …


Why only do I posted this lovely Ciaté Nail Polish today. Well, honestly the shades are pretty much the fall colors and I just wanted to wait until it’s nearly fall to wear and share my views.

Let’s start with the nail polish in this cute packaging.


Everyone has their benchmark for ‘good nail polish’. Mine has become Ciaté recently. Love the Ciaté brand polishes, gorgeous opaque color, even wear and no chip for a week.


Also available at JC Penny, Sephora, Nordstrom and Amazon online. Each selling for CAD$10.00 at Sephora or purchase 3…

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