Drugstore Matte Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi guys! Sorry, it’s not Friday yet but Throwback Thursday. Here is a revived blog post I like to share again with you guys. Have a wonderful day 🙂 xo

Hey Sharonoox

Hope you are doing good! Today, I’ll be reviewing an eyeshadow quad from the Physicians Formula Matte Collection and Hard Candy 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette.


So, let’s roll …  here are the Quad Matte Collection in Canyon Classics 3882C and the 10-Pan Eyeshadow by Hard Candy in Birthday Suit.

Physician formula matte quad eyeshadows

I got this Quad Eyeshadow Matte Collection in Canyon Classics for $10.49 at Walmart. Net wt 0.22 oz. The packaging comes in a grey four pan palette with a transparent lids that closes securely. It’s lightweight and travel friendly. It has a tiny mirror and an applicator inside this packaging.

Many of you may have already know that Physician Formulas drugstore makeup products are cruelty free but for those of you who just read this post, I hope this information would be helpful for you. 
physician formula color swatch

The four colors in this palette are – Off White, Medium Brown, Light Brown and Grey. The two…

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love my Urban Decay eye shadow palettes, but am always on the hunt for cheaper great alternatives. Can’t wait to try this.


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  2. such great neutrals to play with. good find for sure!

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  3. I need this palette! All the perfect colors for my eyes 🙂 Thanks!

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  4. I love this! Not only do I love the brands, I don’t need “shiny” eyeshadow anymore and matte is hard to find sometimes. Also, neutrals are my jam! Thanks for sharing this.

    The How-to Guru

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  5. Absolutely need this one! Those colours are so pretty.

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  6. Love Physician’s Formula! I use their powder and bb cream and absolutely have no issues. Great shades on this pallette. Do you use a primer?


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  7. Jen Enoch says:

    First, it’s important to state that I don’t even care if I have the same colors already, whenever I see a new palette, I immediately want it!! But this one has great basics colors all in the same case! love it-want it. great for taking with you to refresh yourself mid-day!

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  8. ontherytepaige says:

    Thanks for putting the shades on your finger, the colors always look so different in the package 🙂

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  9. Seeing as this is a throwback I was wondering do you still use these palettes? have you seen any you like more recently? the colours are beautiful but i’m a browns, burgundy, dark blues and purples type of girl 🙂


  10. Never used urban decay, I always thought their colours were too bright. This one is quite neutral and really nice.

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  11. Ochalina says:

    I prefer matte eyeshadow than shinny one, especially for day makeup. It’s great to see how the shades apply on skin by showing them on your fingers, because the colors could be different on the palette than on the skin.

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  12. You can find amazing things in drugstores! Most of the time they are even better than the super expensive ones!

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  13. xoxokleeblog says:

    Wow I love the colors!!!!

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  14. Can you believe I actually didn’t know that Physicians Formula was cruelty free?! I wanna support them even more now! (Plus the low cost is always GOOD!)

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  15. Nai Elle says:

    The Hard Candy eyeshadow palette looks pretty good!

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