Guest Post This Month: Emma – Summer Vacation and Skincare


Hey everyone! It’s the time of the month where we have a guest blogger in this blog. We have here again Emma Lawson to share her tips and tricks for summer vacation and skincare as the theme we agreed upon for the month of June.

Oh summer… That perfect season when you can get away from it all, feel the sea breeze matting your hair, your legs deep in the summer sand and your skin sparkling under the sun… Perfect as it may sound, summer is not always gentle to your skin. The damaging effects of the sun, salt water or chlorine (if you are spending the hot days on a pool rather than a beach) can cause premature aging, dryness and rash, so it is prescribed to be cautious. Here is a short guide about the summer skincare that should help you go through this fabulous season, without having any skin issues.


The Absolute Must – Sunscreen

Trust us, you can go on a vacation even without your bathing suit, but never without sunscreen. It is something you should be using on daily basis, no matter if you are on vacation or not, but when you are planning to spend hours on the beach, it is indispensable. Your first clue for choosing a sunscreen should be the sun protection factor (SPF), but do not stop there since SPF only protects you from UVB rays. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen which will protect you from UVA rays, which are to blame for early development of wrinkles, among other things.

Clean Skin Is Healthy Skin

During your vacation (especially if you are lucky enough to visit some exotic destination), you will come in touch with many unwanted elements, such as dust and bacteria, and you will be exposed to new challenges your skin is not used to (e.g. different climate). Cleansing the skin is one of the most important parts of the skincare routine in that case. Extra perspiration is common during the summer, so you should wash and cleanse your face and skin more than usual. It is best to use an alcohol-free and non-abrasive cleanser.

Go Deeper

Cleansing is fine, but you should go beyond it and scrub your face daily and your body weekly. This way, you will get rid of the dead cells and help your skin absorb the sun protection products better. The silky smooth skin will be your best asset this year, and according to people behind the famous L’Occitane line, you should decide for the products that are not only exfoliating, but also restoring the skin. Look for the ingredients like shea butter, honey, and sugar crystals.

Hydrate Your Skin

Just as your organism is prone to dehydration during the hot summer days, your skin can dry up and look dull, due to increased UV exposure, heavily air conditioned rooms, high temperature and humidity. To prevent that, you should apply a moisturizer right after the scrub. Choose products with SPF and hyaluronic acid because it is cable of retaining the moisture and repairing the skin. Use water-based products in the morning and oil-based at night.

Other Useful Skincare Tips

Besides the basic steps of the skincare routine, you should add a few and subtract some. First, ditch the foundation and opt for tinted moisturizer instead. Apply under eye cream before going to bed to prevent your eye from getting puffy. Leave the lipstick at home and pack a lip balm to repair cracked lips and lip gloss to make them shine. Let the less is more principle be your guide when packing your makeup.

Proper skincare is important all year round, but during the summer, and especially if you are traveling to some area with different climate and other challenging elements, you should be even more agile and careful.

Thanks Emma for appearing in our this month’s guest post. Happy to have her here!


Bio:  Emma is a teacher and a mom to two boys. Kids inspire her to feel and look beautiful every day. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson



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