Our May Guest Post! “10 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Steam”

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Hello everyone!

Are you ready for my guest this month? Let me introduce you to the beautiful Vaileria, a health and beauty expert. I’m honor to have her here with us in this blog. 


Title – 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Steam

Apparently, we all have busy schedules to meet each day if we are to earn our daily living. Therefore, when we have some time off, we may get into different forms of relaxation.  We may get into laughing clubs or even massaging centers. For some people, a steam bath is the best and closest option.  In health or even sports and gym clubs, the facility is usually availed and also made accessible to everyone.  Several people like using the facility for relaxation purposes.  While you can enjoy using the bath and relaxing, you can also forget your stress and challenges.

Lately, steam baths have gained a lot of popularity. The facility is being widely used among both men and ladies.  The fitness centers, gyms, beauty centers and salons, as well as sports club, have steam baths availed for all.  Enjoying the hotness of the steam on the body feels great and provides a deal of relaxation and enjoyment to many. However, it has some benefits, advantages as well as disadvantages. Unfortunately, the users only care about how well they relax, and some other benefits. Some  of the benefits of steam baths include weight loss and regulation of blood flow under the skin. At the same time, others believe that it is a critical detoxifying agent. Besides, others use it to kill and eliminate harmful pathogens under the skin. It is essential and vital, however, to be keen on the cons of using steam on the skin. The following are some of the cons of using steam on the skin:


  • Absorption of impurities into the Skin


The water being used in the steam baths may be too hot. This, therefore, can cause the absorption of the impurities into the body. Some of the impurities could be dangerous and harming to the body cells. Among the impurities that can penetrate the skin are chlorine and fluorine.


  • Skin dehydration


The steam tends to increase the temperatures in the body. This, therefore, causes loss of water from the skin.  Sweating can occur as one takes a steam bath and thus lose a lot of water. Whereas steam bathing can have advantages such as dealing with the dark spots on the face, it can cause skin dryness. Some people may even forget to moisturize the skin after steam bathing. This habit is critical and skin damaging.


  • Worsening Infections


The steam may be dangerous and can worsen infections on the skin.  If the skin has open sores, acne or scars, the germs in the steam could cause worsening of the condition as well as allowing pathogens into the skin. If one uses public steam baths, the places may be dirty, and the steam could mix with the dirt in the air and cause infections on the skin.


  • Dry skin


The habit of using steam too many times on the skin can cause dryness.  At the same time, it can result in or cause the skin to overproduce oil. These increase the risk of acne breakout.


  • Irritation


Using steam can leave the skin irritated and also itchy.  In addition, the hot steam could find its way into the skin and remain there.  This water can then cause itching and burn-like sensations.


  • Skin Sagging


The habit of steaming the skin regularly may have the effects of skin sagging. To start with, the steam destroys the natural skin lipid layer that is vital for skin protection and warming.  At the same time, it may give the skin suppleness for some time. However, after the activity, it causes skin sagging as the skin relaxes. Some people do face steaming hoping it will work like a cleanser for face. However, it may cause more harm to the skin than benefits.


  • Acne-Breakouts Risk


Experts indicate that acne prone skin may suffer if an individual keeps using steam. The habit could increase the risks for acne and pimple breakouts.  This is because the skin’s top layer may swell after steaming.  The layer after swelling, traps dust, oils, as well as bacteria into the skin pores.  At the same time, these substances can cause and increase the skin inflammation.


  • Clogging the pores


If those harmful substances, including the dust and bacteria get into the pores after steaming, they may remain there for days as some people assume that steaming reduces the dirt in the pores. The pores could get clogged and thus encourage breakouts.


  • Could Cause pain on Skin and Headaches


Users can suffer headaches when using or after using steam baths. Sometimes, the facilities may be improperly installed. In addition, the heat could be too much, and could cause pain afterward.


  • Worsening of Asthma and Heart Condition


Asthma and heart conditions can worsen if an individual is using the steam facility. These conditions usually worsen if there is either a lot of heat or too much cold. It is thus essential that individuals suffering from both conditions and issues avoid using steam.


Well, we are not concluding that steam is entirely dangerous and harmful for the skin.  However, using it with a little moderation is vital. Evidently, it can have undesirable effects and cause issues with the skin.  You can go for a steam bath probably once in a month.  If you prefer DIY therapies for steaming, be keen and avoid steam that is extremely hot.  Keep in mind that frequent sessions using a steam bath are not advisable as they could make the skin dry, dehydrated, acne prone as well as infected.  At the same time, it is harmful to health, especially those people who are suffering from asthma and heart conditions.


Thanks so much for being here, Valleria! Do visit her on the links below if you haven’t already. 


Author Bio

Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert, having 10 years of experience in Beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fitness, women’s issues and more. In recent  years, she has had an opportunity to learn about Food and Nutrition. She always excited to share her ideas related to beauty tips, healthy food recipes, and diet plans. Join Vaileria on Twitter, Facebook and G+




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