Are You Looking For A New Facebook Group To Grow?



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I’ve seen a bunch of groups on Facebook that a focused on “creating a community” for bloggers. I was really inspired to create one myself and to see it work. The focus of this groups is to create a blogging a community within the group.

I will have a few rules on the daily threads that will appear each week in our group called Friends Who Love Blogging.

I believe in laying down some general rules so that everyone in the group understand and know what is expected of them.

At Friends Who Love Blogging, we want interaction, communication and help inspire one another.

The more members, the more interaction and more fun too. We got to visit other fellow bloggers blog posts and connect with new friends in this community.

So, what are you waiting for, join us and many friends now. You can start sharing your blog posts and social media once accepted to the group.

We’re a group of friends supporting one another to grow.



friends who love blogging






17 comments on “Are You Looking For A New Facebook Group To Grow?”

  1. I just joined your group! I started being more active in share groups this month and not only am I seeing an improvement in traffic, I am enjoying all the blogs I get to discover.

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