Question Tuesday! Which Would You Choose?



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Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing great today.

While spring has just arrived, I noticed that many beauty brands had started to wow us with their latest Summer 2016 Beauty Collections. Since, we’re on this topic, I gotta talk take a few minutes out to cover this Question of the Week [Question Tuesday] though.

I asked: What type of finish would you like to see in an upcoming Summer Collection for lips? 

Which one would you choose?

  • Matte:
  • Shimmer:
  • Glitter:
  • Metallic:
  • Others:

I will definitely take these results into consideration. It’s pretty much the easiest way to get a feel for what you want to see in the post reviews. Don’t forget to leave your comments/answers below.

Thanks everyone and have a good day!

Sharon xoxo






20 comments on “Question Tuesday! Which Would You Choose?”

  1. Hi There, I adore lipstick its my favourite make-up item. I have a vintage/modern fashion blog called Violinkit and because I showcase a lot of vintage clothing I’m partial to matte lipstick as it has a real classic and timeless
    feel. Cheers! x

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  2. Depends what your theme is. I love the lips with a different upper and lower color and the watermelon lips. But if it’s the finish you’re asking about, I love satins or shimmers.


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