Drugstore Impulse Buy


A color usually associated with cheeks and lips has migrated up to the eyes.  Because you can opt for warm or cool shades, subtle or bold, this is a universally flattering look even for Spring season.

If you’re up to use various shades of blue to create a more eccentric look. I’ve noticed recently that many drugstores have wearable blue colors makeup products to test the waters before committing to the look pun intended.


Remember I talked about the L’Oreal Color Infallible Single Eyeshadow in many previous post. I’ve linked an archive here so just hit it to hop over the full review.

I really love this infallible eyeshadow, it keeps me buying every shades in the collection. I’m starting to see myself to be Color Infallible eyeshadow collector, bhahaha!

The shades I picked up were All Night Blue and Bronze Divine. Very pigmented and true to its color. Amazing texture with effortless blending. Long lasting staying power and I didn’t see any fall out at all. I just love these awesome colors. So pretty!!!


You guys might have probably seen this blush stick before at the drugstores, Walmart, Target etc…  I like blushes but even more when it comes in a stick format. It’s convenient and wouldn’t break into thousand of pieces in case I accidentally drop it. I don’t know what gets into me to pick this dark mauve shade though. I got it in the shade Make a Mauve. Talking about impulse buy! You’re staring at one right here (giggling!). I’m making my move, what about you?


I got Color Sensational Lipsticks by Maybelline in two different colors. So, I’m going to give away one Pink Satin in my next giveaway contest.

I like the shades I got in Let Me Pink and Pink Satin. This formula is creamy and pigmented. It glides like butter, and my lips feels moisturized and comfortable. No tugging during application and it wears well. The color comes out opaque with a single pass.

I want to put this out that they do have a very subtle taste and fragrance which most Color Sensational Lipsticks have, it kinda reminds me of play-doh?!  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of scented lip products so it’s a no go for me.

Which is your favorite makeup brands from the drugstore? Feel free to share your comments below.

Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s post! Hope to see you again on the next one. Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo



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  1. stashmatters says:

    I saw Bronze Divine on clearanace at Rexall – I hope you got it at a good price!
    I’ve never tried Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks but I’ve heard good things about them.

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  2. Ana De-Jesus says:

    I would have loved to have seen some swatches of the mauve blush on as it sounds like a refreshing change from the peachy/ tangerine shades I normally favor.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this post , just MY colours ! I really love the desing of your site a lot , will certainly be back for more great suggestions !

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  4. Mermaid Keiayra says:

    Nice little haul! I love love that blush stick. I have it in the nude/orangey color, name escapes me at the moment.

    As for favorite drugstore products: I am a huge fan of Elf or N.Y.C. liquid eyeliners. I love Wet N Wild highlighter in Rose Champagne too!

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  5. Those two shades of Maybelline lipsticks sound wonderful! Gotta give them a try 🙂 xoxo

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  6. Cianna says:

    Those sound like quality impulse buys! I usually end up with something I’ll never use!


  7. Ursula Ball says:

    I love Maybelline the best esp my Honey Soft foundation in Fit Maybelline line!



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  8. lynnblackmar says:

    I just got the Cover Girl Oh! Sugar lipstick, and I really like the texture. I don’t think it’s much like anything else I’ve used before.

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  9. I am happy to see that i am not the only one that does this type of impulse buy :)) I also have on my list the mono eyesadows from L’Oreal .

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  10. Sheila Marie says:

    Those shades of Maybelline lipsticks sound awesome! Great article.

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  11. These look nice. I don’t have much idea about the beauty products but maybe I can learn from you.

    Fatima | http://www.blogsbyfa.com

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  12. I don’t wear much make-up, mostly eyeliner and lipgloss. But, that Color Sensational Lipsticks by Maybelline you mentioned looks like something I can try out. The cases are gorgeous 😉 Thanks for sharing

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  13. Joanna says:

    I have the same lipstick from Maybelline but in a different color. It’s really good quality.

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  14. I like the idea of that blush stick. It would be great to just throw in your purse and go. I am also in love with everything from the infallible collection.

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  15. Kimberly says:

    I am a huge fan of maybelline, I might need to keep an eye out for your give away 😉

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  16. My willpower is pretty great, not going to lie – but every so often, the impulse buy sneaks in. That being said, when it comes to beauty products, I totally resist because I don’t think anything is better than NATURAL beauty.


  17. This is something my wife would love for sure! She loves Maybeline products!

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  18. Nice post! I have so many impulse buys when it comes to makeup… I actually love the Maybelline ColorSensational lip products a lot and don’t even notice the scent you’re talking about 😀 I think I need to go check out those shades in a store soon 😉

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  19. kikicarlson says:

    Gosh I always feel lost reading beauty posts. I need to step up my makeup game! haha I love the thought of a blush stick and may need to pick one up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve to admit I felt the same way before but after trying out a gazillion makeup products I’m a converted beauty addict lol. Lipsticks or blushes are some great choice for starters. xo


  20. I am terrible for impulse buying when it comes to beauty and skin care products! I just love them so much haha I haven’t tried a blush stick before, I always imagined them to be too in your face but I might have to give one a go for in the my handbag when i’m out and about

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  21. these seem like a lovely high street dupe for the Illusion d’Ombres from Chanel! xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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  22. simplenailsandbeauty says:

    The title of this blog post really called to me….because that is all that my drugstore purchases ever seem to be – impulse. I really like the Maybelline lipsticks as well. And I am going to have to give in and try out those Infallible eye shadows (for some reason I am not fond of buying single shadows…who knows why!)


  23. Love that lipstick color! I’m THE #1 impulse buyer…lol. Great post

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  24. Georgia Lynn says:

    Love these deep colors. Blue is one of my favorites, thanks for sharing

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  25. […] you some sneak peeks at some discovered Maybelline products in my previous post. I’ve put a link here for easy […]

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  27. nlampert says:

    I’ve heard good things about those L’Oreal Eyeshadows, the neutral brown colour looks really pretty!

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