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I got these for Valentine with a gift box of Nuxe skincare products from my honey bear. It’s products I wanted to try and I was so glad that he took note about it. I love getting gift surprises and also gift that I can truly use.

I ripped off the packaging immediately upon received so I’m sharing here’s what I got. Let’s jump in …


I got Marcelle Multi-Defense Lotion which is 100% perfume free and oil free in my gift box. It contains SPF 15 with a net wt: 4 fl oz for $19.99 available at Pharmaprix or the drugstores.


Finding an effective daytime moisturizer for me was quite difficult. This, however, does the job it claims to do. I notice that the formula is runny and not creamy like other moisturizers I’ve tried before. First application, you will feel that the lotion feels heavy but once it sets, it didn’t bother me at all. It leaves my skin feels moist throughout the day.

MY skin feels refresh and a little shiny but not definitely not over-killed. I’ve dry to combination skin so this formula is a good fit but if you have an oily skin type, you might want to avoid this particular product.

I really like this new packaging. It has a twist to open pump applicator and lock if you’re done.  This product is also Gluten Free, in case you want to know. I must say overall, this is a great oil-free, scent-free moisturizer. I’m also very conscious about the condition of my skin, the UVB rays and preventing premature aging, so the SPF 15 is an asset. I will continue to use this product by rotations.


Don’t time to go to spa for facial treatment? I thought so too! This Purifying Clay Mask could be your answer for a home mask treatment. I’ve tried different sheet masks over time and this is probably my second or third time using a clay mask from a drugstore.

I’ve some health issues that prevented me from going to facial spa treatment. So, this is an angel send clay mask by Marcelle which is 100% Gluten and Perfume Free. Awesome!


This mask works very well. So, just to let you know that I have dry to combination skin with occasional break outs, and I used this 2 times a week while my skin was going crazy.

How to use :

Apply it as if you’re applying a moisturizer.

You will feel your skin tighten, but it isn’t unbearable or anything. I didn’t experience any stinging or odd sensation upon the first application. I apply it before I go to bed, and usually leave it on for 30 minutes while watching vlog, and just rinse with warm water.

What do I think of this product? I would definitely recommend this, and re-purchase. Surprisingly hooked with this clay mask. Quite impressed with a product that actually delivers!


Next is the 3 in 1 Micellar Solution. This bottle comes together with purchase. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve never tried any skincare products from Marcelle brand prior to this, and was looking for a cleanser that would remove waterproof eye makeup as well as the rest of my makeup.

My skin is happy thanks to no irritation of my sensitive, mature skin and no residue feeling either. Removes even the toughest mascaras! Overall great product! I recommend it!

What do you think of these products? I love to hear your comments if you have tried it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read. Hope to see you again on the next one.

Sharon xoxo



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12 comments on “Drugstore Gift Products”

    1. Me too. I’ve dry to combination sensitive skin. I’d have breakout easily especially trying many different face products but this one, I don’t have problem with. It’s a good idea if you could get sample to try before investing or look for it when it’s on sale. Thanks so much for your comment. xo


    1. You’re welcome love! Marcelle bought over Lise Watier brand and it seems they’re stepping up to their skincare products as well. It’s my first time trying out their skincare and I’m happy to report that these products work as it should. Gluten, Perfume and Oil free. I will recommend! xo


  1. I love Marcelle’s Micellar water so much, but I havent tried these other products yet. I saw the minis on display at my rexall and thought, too cute, oh good price. So you never know if I’ll pick them up in the future. So nice that you got them as gifts.

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