Dicey Game



We realize that making predictions is a dicey game (one person’s miracle-in-a-jar is another’s flash-in-the-pan), but we’re not just going out on a limb here.

These game-changing products have the science, research, and cultish devotion to back them up.

Here are some that I want to share with everyone.

dicey game

& Kylie Jenner 

According to Teen Vogue, Kylie has announced plans to expand her makeup line to include eyeshadows, an eyebrow kit, and a contouring kit. They’re still keeping their lips tight but don’t forget to check back if you love her matte lipstick collection.

matte lip kylie jenner

Halal Cosmetics

AMARA Cosmetics Press Eye Shadow Color Palette for ($26.00). People become more aware of what’s in their beauty products and begin to demand ethically sourced ingredients, experts believe that halal cosmetics will grow in popularity and flood mainstream markets as well.


Target as the new beauty Mecca

Target has just launched a line of nail polishes called Defy & Inspire, and the formulas hit all the right marks. The collection of 42 shades satisfies every conceivable manicure and pedicure craving, as well as every budget. $7.49 available at Target

defy nail polish

Yes, we raised our praise-hands emoji in appreciation.

Definitely some interesting things on the market now.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you again on the next one 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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