Trash or Treasure? Anastasia Palette



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATHIS palette has been in my wishlist since last year and hearing so many beauty Youtubers raved about it. You know that I love trying out new or beauty products and been curious. Okay, I admit that curiosity is my weakness!

To proof my point here is the palette I acquired last month and feeling real excited to share my opinion with all of you.


Anastasia BEVERLY Hills Artist Palette with twelve colorful eyeshadows in this palette. This product gives you a matte, velvety and shimmery finish.


The disappointing shades are Navy Blue and Unicorn other then that this palette is pretty and if you could get your hands on this palette then you should. I like the variety of colors, although I can’t use some of them often it is a nice palette to have! The eyeshadow brush with it is also great.

I’ve listed down each shadow based on its color tones, texture, formula and longevity below. Continue reading …


Dusty Rose is a matte mauve with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had good color payoff, but it was fairly powdery, even though it was blendable.

Aubergine is plum velvet with a shimmer pearly sheen. good pigmentation with a softer, thinner texture that had a more velvety, silky feeling to it

Anaconda is shimmery forest green with golden frosted shimmer finish. It had nice color payoff with a soft, blendable texture that applied well to bare skin and didn’t need primer to function.

Coal is a matte black.  It had good pigmentation with a slight powderiness, but it wasn’t too bad. It needs a primer to blend.

Unicorn is a cobalt blue with a hint of purple over matte finish. It’s sheer, dry, powdery and short-wearing.

Phresh is a matte bright yellow with bright undertone matte finish. I noticed that this palette really doesn’t work without a primer of some sort.


Punch Fuschia is of pinky purple with a violet sheen. I feel that the formula is a bit dry and didn’t seems to stay as intense after six hours of wear .

Buttery is a pale yellow with warm undertones and matte finish. Noticed the texture to be silky and creamy-like feeling from the pan. Looks a little powdery but could last well for eight hours. It doesn’t feel chalky with good color payoff on skin.

Blue Velvet is navy cool undertones with shimmery finish. This is the worst shades from this palette. It’s thin, muted, dry, sheen and difficult to blend n lids. Definitely need white base to help it to perform decently.

Baby I’m A Star is a dark brown warm tone shade with pearly finish. Good pigmentation    and it applied better when I was using it in practice than it did on my arm. I really like this shade.

Orange You Fancy is a shimmery orange that has warm undertones. Unfortunately, this shade is also dry and powdery which makes it gives out excess product. Average pigmentation in my opinion.

Beigely is a shimmery beige with warm undertones that gives a metallic pewter finish. Pretty color payoff ad blends well on lid.


These aren’t everyday colors as I mentioned earlier, this is more when you want a pop to color to another look or step out of your comfort zone. The price isn’t too bad considering some of the other prices out there.

I really like this palette based on my first impression review but I’m going to continue wearing them and report back if my opinion changed. From this palette my favorite shades are Dusty Rose, Aubergine, Anaconda, Baby I’m A Star and Orange You Fancy. If you want color palettes then get this.

Available at Sephora, Nordstroms and Ulta.

Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s post! Hope to see on the next one.

Thank you for taking the time to read. .

Sharon xoxo


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