Happy Chinese New Year!




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Allow me to share with you the story of “Nian”. Watch this clip to understand how Chinese celebrate the Year tradition by decorating their houses with everything red, loud drums, fireworks, lion dance to chase away Nian.


Abundance of food for guests, visitors and family to enjoy on New Year’s day.


Mandarin orange can be seen is many many households. Mandarin oranges signifies gold. The more oranges you have it means you have plenty of gold. Usually parent would asked their children to bring the oranges when they go visiting relatives.

chinese new card

Yes, everywhere you go, you would encounter red and gold during this festival. Not convince, head over to your local Chinatown and experience it first hand if you’re new to the Chinese tradition.


Don’t worry! It’s man under the lion suit. Not a real lion but the drumming can be quite loud and deafening. The louder the better, tradition says that’s how they cast away the “Nian” right! So, the next time you heard loud drums and lion … be sure to stop by and be awed.

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Twelve Zodiac Signs.

Which animal zodiac are you? Make sure to leave your comment in the section below. Thank you all and have a fabulous “Year of the Monkey”


Hi! I’m Sharon and I would like to wish everyone who are celebrating this special festival a Very Happy New Year.



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