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bh cosmetics palette

If you have been reading my blog, you would have read me mentioning about Red Alert on the New Eyeshadow Palette by Bh Cosmetics about 3 weeks ago. If you haven’t, you can do so here. So, I have the palette right in front of me now and super excited to talk with you about this lovely Nude Rose Eyeshadow Palette. Some of you have been asking if BH has any walk-in stores and the answer is no. But the good news is that since BH cosmetics don’t have a brick and mortar stores they do have an easy accessible and convenient online shopping which is hassle free.

Without further ado, let’s kick right in:

nude rose palette

I present you, the Nude Rose Palette. It’s still very new in the market and I’m pleased to do an early review. This palette was on discount for $12.00 when I ordered it. The last time I checked, it was $14.50. But, don’t worries it’s…

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  1. Ursula Ball says:

    That is a great deal for the palette hence the beauty of buying online!


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  2. I just saw this palette on their website and I was curious about it. I’m going to read your full review now… 🙂

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