QUESTION TUESDAY|Which Cosmetic Brand



… Would you Splurge on if you Could?

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In this week Question Tuesday, I asked which cosmetic brand would you splurge on if you could? Say you won a shopping spree for $500 and you could only purchase items from one brand.

Q: Which would you choose?

Q: Would you choose a brand with the highest price points so you can own some luxury products?

Q: Or would you go for your favorite brand which products you use already but can’t really afford to splurge on products you’re curious to try.

Are there any particular products you have in mind that you’d purchase right away? Then, quickly leave your comments in the section below.

As always, thank you all for participating in this week Question Tuesday! If you have any ideas for future question, shoot your suggestions my way! 🙂 I’m all eyes and ears!

Sharon xoxo


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12 comments on “QUESTION TUESDAY|Which Cosmetic Brand”

  1. Good questions! Hmm you got me thinking. I’d probably splurge on a brand that is very high priced to see what’s it’s all about. Maybe Chantecaille or Sisley… but with only $500 to spend, it won’t go too far with those brands lol! 😛

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  2. Ooo thats a toughie! I would maybe go for Charlotte Tilbury as all her products are gorgeous and I have so many of my wishlist! But then Mac has good variety and I could pick up quite a lot from there! Also though I would like to splurge on a really high end brand that I wouldn’t buy normally like Tom Ford!


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