Question Tuesday|Things To Do In January

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I mentioned in my previous Blogmas post that I’ll be starting this New Year with new contents and exciting posts to share with you guys. I’m very excited to start this first week of January memorable.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot the past one week what would be the best way to kick start a new post after I’ve been on leave f

Q: How you’re going to make 2016 great? Would it be like a “Whole New World” …. 


Q: How you’re going to make 2016 great? Are you thinking of what I’m thinking? 

lion king

Q:  How do you keep yourself happy during the dark winter? Winter could be miserable and worst still when it gets dark after 4pm. The Bright side is we get to party early, you guys! 

party hard

I enjoyed reading your feedback and comments, and believe me that it’s what motivate me everyday. So, thank you for taking your time out to read and I appreciate them very much.

Sharon xoxo


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