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HI Everyone! It’s Question Tuesday the day that I ask you real beauty question from beauty junkie. What are your answers?

excellent question

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I love my time spent with my family and friends for this special season. It had been a sad moment to say goodbye to 2015 and WELCOME 2016! We always try to end the old year happy and a new one joyful.

You have unwrapped your holiday gifts and I’m curious to know …

Q: How many of you got makeup gifts this Christmas???

A: I received a fair bit of makeup items and I was so delighted. Some I got them as gifts some are gifts for myself. bahahaha!

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to see you again on the next one 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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  1. stashmatters says:

    Well you saw my Christmas loot! LOTS of beauty products! 😀 They know me SO well. 😉

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  2. I got a few makeup gifts this season because I made a list of non-makeup products I wanted. LOL. I bought myself makeup products I really wanted and allowed my family and friends to get me whatever they wanted that wasn’t makeup related. heheh.

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  3. ingrid says:

    I’ve received no makeup items this year 😦 A big HINT from my family I guess 😀

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