BH Modern Mattes Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches



I’m still loving the BH Cosmetics Essential Eyes Color Eyeshadow Palette that I reviewed back in September. I’ve put a link here if you missed the previous full review.

BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes Palette

BH Cosmetics launched a new palette last October containing 28 matte finish eyeshadow colors call “Modern Mattes”.  As we love all-things matte these days, except highlighter.

Well, this time round I didn’t immediately place an order ’cause whenever they launch a new palette they dangerously sell out faster than hotcakes. (Remember Carli Bybel Palette launch?) Ok… This didn’t sell out like that. It’s not limited edition but when I saw BH giving 50% OFF during their Black Friday sales, I placed my order immediately for US$10.00 with a few other BH products in the same shipment. An epic snag, if you asked me!

Came back from my treatment yesterday morning and saw a few packages in the front door. Mailman must have left them there. I was excited since the Black Friday orders arrived before the big festive holiday. So thank you BH for an early shipment.


BH Cosmetics is one of the most affordable brands that caters good quality makeup that makes you wonder how they can sell them for such a low price. If you haven’t checked their website, do so, because they have amazing discounts, promotions, sales practically throughout the year.

This palette for US$10.00 is a winner!  

Here is their regular 28 colour palette packaging, which is of plastic with a semi-frosted lid, where you can see all the colours included in the palette. So cool!


BH Cosmetics products are not tested on animals. So, it’s cruelty FREE!


This palette contains all 28 mattes finish eyeshadows. I love that you get a whole mattes in this palette since I’ve acquired several palettes from BH in the past that were of mixed finishing.

I also love that there are some great neutrals in addition to all the brights. For the most part, all of the shadows in this palette are easy to work with and have great color payoff. They all work best over primer and the colors stay vivid for eight hours or more for me when I apply primer first.


I noticed there were a few shadows which were a bit dry with low pigmentation when I did the color swatches. A miss!

Good news, the rest of the shadows had good pigmentation. I wouldn’t say the MakeupGeek-type pigmentation, nor like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Too Faced, but they were smooth and buildable.


I think this is a great little palette to add to your collection if you love a variety mixed of neutral to bold mattes. The possibilities are endless with this palette and every time I look at it, it just makes me smile. Definitely use eyeshadow primer before you apply these shadows, and if some of them don’t seem to work for you, try experimenting with the different applicators and techniques. It’s a Hit!


Left side of eyeshadow palette


Center of eyeshadow palette


Right side of the eyeshadow palette


(I apologized for the blurry picture swatch) but the colors and nevertheless exceptional.

Can I tell you that I love all the neutral shades in this color swatch. There are a few shadows which are creamier and softer than the others. I find that the pinkish shade (2nd row 3rd from left) and mauve (2nd row 2nd from right) are buttery and smooth. The rest of the shadows are drier but not powdery or cakey. The texture is not as smooth as I would like but nevertheless, the pigmentations are amazing, if that make sense. These matte shadows really impresses me.

However, all of these colours really stay true to the pan when you apply them. Gorgeous!

If you have any issues with getting the mattes to show up, try packing on the color with a sponge-tip applicator and then using a fluffy blender brush to gently blend. The matte shades in this palette all have a very smooth, silky texture to them.

They all become quite vibrant over primer, but you might have to experiment a bit with applicators (some shades work better with sponge-tip applicators).

Overall thoughts, I think BH Cosmetics need some improvement on their matte eyeshadows. For the price (with 20 good shadows with 8 bummer shades) for US$10.00 in my opinion, it’s still a great steal! It’s a hit for me given I paid only US$10.00 and the quality is not so bad. In short, I’m happy that they’re cruelty free and second, I love the color selections in this palette. It would make a nice holiday gift for beginners to makeup or friends who enjoy creating different eye makeup.

BH Cosmetics ship worldwide at a very reasonable price.

For long lasting and intense look – always apply over eye primer for best results.

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Do you own any of the BH Cosmetics palettes? Leave your comments down below. Don’t forget to “Like” if you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and until the next one, STAY Beautiful!

Sharon xoxo



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    1. Yes, I ordered this during the past Black Friday sale and agreed it was a steal. A good color selections in this palette and green is amazing.Thanks for asking Kaily. It’s for pain management. ❤ xo


  1. That’s a great price! I like less expensive palettes bc sometimes they end up being great but if they don’t all work out then at least you get to experiment to see what colors you like to invest in something else later on.

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