ESSIE Favorites Mani For The Holiday!



Two Saturday ago, I was at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart) since for Black Friday event the stores were having the promotion where you can dispense your reward points for the weekend. Strange enough, I spent the points on nails instead.

The sales promotion on the beauty products weren’t  so exciting but essie’s fall collection really impresses me. Ok, let’s be serious … don’t you think that all of their collections are worth it for a peek!

essie nail polish

YASSS, the most anticipated holiday season is finally here, which means red, white, black, silver nails will be popping up everywhere!

Let’s take a look at how they measure up!


The stand out shade for me has to be these two colors. It’s a gorgeous berry and ash grey shade that seems to work one everyone that wears it, no matter what the skin tone. These may not be Essie‘s latest winter collection but they just scream “Holiday” to me.

There are many new shades to choose from their Winter Collection. If you’re intrigued, here is the link.


I didn’t have the names of these nail polishes unfortunately since my son peeled off the sticker while I wasn’t looking. Well, he likes peeling off stickers. Very easy to apply brush applicator. It picks up good amount of product and the texture is not too liquidy or thick. So, it goes on smoothly and without much effort. Long lasting and I enjoy these so much if you asked me.


I got this beautiful maroon color polish which is a dark brownish red with pearly finish. It went on nicely, only needed 2 coats and its long lasting. The formula is opaque on first coat. I had this on for a week and the color is still looking good.


I looooove how it pops on the skin. Two coats and I was good to go, plus it dries pearly opaque if you like that look. I’m very into this colour!

I think this color will suit most skin tone. It is absolutely amazing! You cannot go wrong with Essie quality product like this one. Plus I got it for a great price, win win!


This is an absolutely stunning colour- the best way I can think to describe it is like grayish brown with a gorgeous understated shimmer. Love, Love, Love it! Destined to become a fave!


The colour however is gorgeous. Not too heavy on the cool or warm side, just a nice grey with brown undertone. Very suitable for the professional office environment. Definitely a two-coater for maximum coverage.

My final thoughts? I love BOTH shades and I’ve been wearing them interchangeably. So Yay for that!

Still, they applied well with two coats and didn’t give me any trouble at all, so if there’s a shade you must have, go for it… we’re all ready for a little pop of colour! I’m very impressed with the amazing quality and, I believe many of you would agree with the QUALITY. Am I right!

Find your favorite color at Essie collection and also be found on Essie counters in Walmart, Drugstores and at Essie’s website.

What do you think of these shades? Let me know on the comment section below.

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Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo



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9 comments on “ESSIE Favorites Mani For The Holiday!”

  1. Haha that’s so funny your son peeled off the stickers while you weren’t looking! It would DRIVE me crazy! In fact, it’s driving me insane right now that I don’t know the names of these 2 polishes lol! 😉
    Based on my sleuthing, I think the grey colour is “Over the Edge”: But I can’t pinpoint the maroon colour! It could be “It’s Genius” (but that seems too purple) or “Wrapped in Rubies” (but that seems too red).
    Great picks in colours, nevertheless! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bought 4 bottles of Essie and he peeled off 3 with one left intact. [Cocktails & Coconuts shade]. Lesson learned, I must hide them in a safe next time lol! Great help on the names.Thanks! 😀


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