Hey Everyone! How’s it going? Not too bad I hope. Well, I’m back with another collaboration theme which is called “Holiday Party Looks”. If you’re new to my blog, just want to mention that this a collaboration posts where I teamed up with my three other good friends for the month of December. Kaily from Hello Kaily, Stashy from Stash Matters and Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom. I’ll put their links down below.

With the holiday just round the corner, I’ve received several invites for the holiday parties. Company dinner, community party, church Christmas agape, open house dinner for closed friends etc..

by source

When I shop, I’m not a snob. I will try anything. Just this weekend I was walking around Walmart looking for accessories.

Most importantly, overtime I’ve learned to not only understand a woman’s body, but also her brain. Most people get stuck in their own body types and say, “No, no, no, that wouldn’t suit me.”

But this is the season to break out of that box — after all, you can take risks and go a little wild with the sparkle and texture this time of year. Step out of your comfort zone. While I am not a fan of rules, there is one steadfast guideline I like to share:

Don’t be a Christmas tree — edit your tacky touches and pick one thing.

Here are some knockout holiday party look that I find inspiring.

red ribbon choker
by source – magazine

I like this red ribbon which you can easily make them into sexy choke for only less than $1.00 at Walmart (pic on the left) and if you like a much fancier choker try the one on the right which is more elaborate.

by source -magazine

For a casual type luncheon party, I feel this style collar or faux-fur stole would be appropriate to be added to accessories the turtle neck sweater with a pair of jeans. Simple yet sophisticated.


Another chicest style to adorn to the holiday party. Do you agree that sometimes, less is more? It involves a slinky mid-length slip dress, a simple ankle-strap sandal, and you’re good to go. This party look is what I need lol!


Oversized sweater has it’s benefit sometimes. It doesn’t look baggy on this model and it looks so comfortable and trendy. This looks so like my style, I don’t care if you judge me but I love be in a comfortable and cozy clothing with a legging or leg warmer this time of the year. Uh!! What’s missing may be just my Coach bag and I’m ready to rock the party.

What do you think? Which style did you prefer to wear to your holiday party? I love to hear your comments.

Okay, I’m done talking so now, head over to my friends at BABES IN BLOGLAND and check their Holiday Party Looks.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.

Sharon xoxo


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15 comments on “BABES IN BLOGLAND COLLABORATION: Holiday Party Looks”

  1. I’m glad you did fashion looks too! I wasn’t sure if this was a beauty or fashion topic. 🙂
    I LOVE your line “Don’t be a Christmas tree” LMAO! 😆
    So TRUE – focus on one thing. It applies to makeup too… unless they want to look like a hooker! 😛

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  2. Sharon, I love how you broke up your advice based on what you’ll be doing for Christmas, it’s very helpful this way! And I totally agree that no one should be too tacky haha but that it’s also important not to be a snob cause there are tons of great, affordable things out there!

    Liked by 1 person

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