Wordless Wednesday| COACH New York HANDBAGS



Yes !! We’re already in the mid month of December and it means Christmas, fun, joy, gifts, food and lots of parties. Speaking of gifts, I mentioned on twitter that I was at Coach to pick up a Christmas gift for my mom and I ended up with a few these. I got carried away sometimes when I go stopping.

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I know my mom loves Coach New York handbags and so this one is going to be a surprise for her. Regular price is $295.00 but I only paid $169.00 for this bandbag. You can get these coach handbags for a lower price at Premium Montreal Outlet in Mirabel, Quebec.

The other purse sells for $75.00 each but with discount it was $29.00. So, a small little gift for the ladies.

The Coach store I went has a great promotion sale of 60% off. So, the damage wasn’t too much for my wallet.LOL! My honey bear got me one as a gift but I’ll keep it a suspend until Christmas to unwrap it. I know what I’ll be getting since that’s my favorite design.  As mentioned previously in my post, I planned to do my Christmas Gift unwrapping series in my later posts.

There’ are many holiday gift ideas besides beauty products, candles, fragrances or electronics gadgets. This year, I’m giving something I know they would really like. My shopping list is still a mile long and this week I’m targeting to get presents for my everyone in my family. Oh, my shopping frenzy!!!

Thanks as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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