Question Tuesday| Obsession!


DO you have obsession for makeup or anything in particular which you love to share here with us? I’ll tell you mine and can you make a guess?

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Q: What’s your obsession?

Apparently mine is eyeshadow palettes!!! Cleaning out makeup stuff from the multi-drawer storage space JUST in my bedroom and I found all these palettes not counting in my purse, car, powder room and still in the mail. Yes, I’m a beauty junkie and I love  my palettes, whahahaha!

Obsessed: Eyeshadow Palettes

I’m dying to know about yours. Don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment section below. I love to read your story.

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This obsession thingy is making me thirsty. I seriously NEED my 3rd cup of coffee! And enjoy my palettes!

Hope you’ll enjoy reading. Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo