Nightmare After Black Friday!!!



Ladies, ladies, listen up. I know that you’re all exhausted beyond imagination after all the HEART work you poured preparing Thanksgiving dinner and then waking up the next morning looking beat-up  with hangover (after a few toasts). But since Black Friday Sales will go on, you brave yourself with shield and armor ready to charge when the store doors open.

Well, frankly I’m a little jealous since we don’t have big Black Friday Sales here where I lived, and if there are, it’s in a smaller scale. But luckily for us, we got to shop online for the SALES. YAY to online commerce, ebates etc…

Nope, NO Armour necessary, just plastic card will do.

when ur broke and shop onlinee
by source – Oh, hell yaaaa!

My credit card is sad but you bet I’m happy as a BEE! Buzz…buzz… Oh, I LOVE my beauty haul (drooling!!!)

Before I end this post, just to let you know that if you want to read my secret saving tips for this Holiday season, just HIT the link here.

After, first round of online order battle, next is Round 2 the Cyber Monday! I’m feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Nightmare after Black Friday was itens “OUT OF STOCK”. Anyways, adrenalin is running high … CYBER Monday here I come! theBalm is having 50% off Nov 30 and BH Cosmetics has 75% off last chance today.

How’s your shopping frenzy went so far? I’m dying to know – don’t keep me hanging. I love to read your comments.

Thanks for taking your time out to read. Feeling grateful ❤

Sharon xoxo





7 comments on “Nightmare After Black Friday!!!”

  1. I haven’t bought much, just Nail Butter. I had wanted the 3 brush travel set from IT Cosmetics at Ulta, but it is sold out, and truth be told, I didn’t queue up when the sale started. The most tempting thing for me is the 20% off Friends & Family sale at – the Viseart palettes are part of the sale so at $60, they are more affordable than usual but still pricey

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    1. I grabbed the MUG online for 50% off. Agreed, high end products seems quite pricey even with discount.I know my credit card is sad from the black friday shopping frenzy damaged LOL Very brave that you went to Ulta. Was it very crowded and roudy? Here, everything is calm.


  2. Ha I didn’t do much black Friday damage either. It wasn’t very crazy for me and actually managed to do some Christmas shopping for the kids in my life!


  3. I’m living the US right now so I am experiencing Black Friday in all it’s glory lol We ordered things online to avoid the craziness and that works just fine for me 🙂

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  4. Honestly, you aren’t missing out on anything. I go out for BF shopping every year with my girlfriend and sister but I hardly ever buy anything. The deals aren’t as good as they used to be and it starts earlier and earlier every year. Some stores were open as early as 3PM on THANKSGIVING!


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