holiday shopping
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Yes, you and me knows that the big festive  holidays are here, which means the shopping season is in full gear and millennials (if you’re 25-34 years old of age) chances are you probably already have a head start.

I know, I know you just make a dent in your shopping list right after Thanksgiving, don’t ya’. I too was caught in the holiday festive mist. On the bright side, I’m not complaining since I love shopping for super SAVER makeup that fits my budget. hohoho!

So as you start your holiday shopping, here’s what some of us already know about the best ways to get the most bang for your buck and stay within a budget.

The secret – timing is everything and the time to shop is around Thanksgiving. Starting from Wednesday through Monday. Check in-stores and who knows, you might go home with some great BARGAIN! (jingle all the way).

image by source

Q: What’s Everyone saving or waiting for to get this coming Holiday? Don’t forget to leave your comments down below. Love to connect with all of you. Join my on facebook, witter or pinterest.

Happy Shopping, BEAUTIES!

Thanks to all for stopping by and read.

Sharon xoxo




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