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I’ve been seen many young girls as young as 5 years of age on youtube beauty channel dolling up themselves. Well, my parents are more conservatives and  I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup for a very long time. As far as my parents were concerned, even at 12 I was too young, and I had my whole life to wear makeup, so too bad.

I’m not saying that makeup is a bad thing but for kids of tender age I would prefer them to understand that beauty is skin deep. That’s just my opinion.

But then what is your take of …

Q: Makeup on kids. Yay or nay? How old is old enough? Kids and makeup: Is there a “right” age to start using beauty products?

Be sure to leave your comments below for friendly discussions. Please respect every others opinion.

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5 comments on “Question Tuesday| Makeup On Kids”

  1. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was in high school so around 14 yrs old. And only lip gloss. I think that was the right age in hindsight, even though I was yelled “no fair” all through middle school. No matter how you slice it, makeup is to enhance the appearance of a person for attractiveness – what does a 5 yr old need to be “attractive”? They need to go PLAY.

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  2. Makeup on a child to change their appearance (aka eye liner, contour, mascara, dark colors…etc) is a total no – no, IMHO. 1. Children/Teens do not need to look like adults. There’s enough pervs out there, they don’t need the encouragement. Too many young girls these days look like full grown adults. Ick! 2. Like you said, beauty is on the inside. And they need to feel beautiful as they are. And realize that all the images they see online and in ads are far from the truth. And feel like they are perfect just the way they are. No changing their looks with it!
    Now, having said that … I totally think it’s ok for tweens and teens to add a pop of color or sparkle. That’s fun. And I think that’s fine. Gotta to have a little fun 🙂

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