WEDNESDAY EPIC SNAG|Harmony Duo Lipstick



This product can be found available at Belvada online website for $20.00, Amazon or ebay but I got a epic snag for only $4.99 at my local Uniprix drugstore when it was on special. Another great steal! So yay for that!


I picked the shade in Balm and Intense Red and there were three other beautiful shades in Elegant Maroon, Natural Earth and Soft Pink. 

photo directly from belvada website
photo directly from belvada website

You can also get their refill separately, as for me, I snagged two shades – one in Elegant Maroon and the second Natural Earth. I’ll talk about the refill in full detail on my next post. So, stay tuned!

belvada duo lipsticks

Sleek and very attractive Belvada Harmony Duo lipstick, which includes a lip balm, lip color and carrying case, sells for $20. Any refills (different colors or for when you need to replace your favorite) sell for $10. Available in four pretty colors.Very affordable for such a luxury product.

harmony lipstick

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I was pleased with my purchases and I’m excited to share my thoughts and opinion with you guys. Let’s jump right in.

The balm itself is not bad – it has no colour to it, and goes on quite smoothly. While it isn’t my favorite, it is still fairly moisturizing. Love how convenient it is because of the packaging. This awesome packaging is to die for!


The lipstick is as moisturizing as the lip balm but with color stain. It doesn’t feel tacky at all but comfortable to wear on lips. I noticed a slight scents but if you dislike smell on your lip products then this might not be something you would like. What I’m saying is the scent wasn’t overwhelming but you’ll notice it.

color swatches duo lipsticks

Swatch from the left to right – the balm looks invisible, while the lipstick Intense Red appears really pretty and moisturizing. Texture wise, I feel it’s pigmented and glide like a dream if you ask me.

harmony belvada duo lips

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you a modern lip color makeup I watched from you tube gurus. Behold the trick of using a lipstick with two colors lip liners.

I absolutely love the packaging, so much so that I hesitated to throw away the box. Hahaha! As for the lip product itself, I am not a fan of the lip balm since it doesn’t do much justice. But I definitely like the lip color.

Would you invest in this product? Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

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17 comments on “WEDNESDAY EPIC SNAG|Harmony Duo Lipstick”

  1. So one side of the tube is the lip balm (the pink one?) and the other side is the red lipstick. I think this is a cool idea for matte lipsticks where I would need to apply a balm first. And as you said above, you can swap out the balm that you don’t like for another lipstick shade. Neat

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    1. Sorry for the confusion Allison. The pale pink is the lip balm but it’s colorless on lips. So, one end with lip balm and the other intense red lipstick. It’s a very neat concept and I’m loving it 🙂


    1. Me too. It was my first find and I really like the practical packaging of this duo lipsticks. Yes, both are pretty colors. The pink is a lip balm. But I’ll share other shades in my next post. Thanks so much for commenting,.


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