Hard Candy New Products – Spotted At Walmart


I was at Walmart yesterday to get some knitting yarn and spotted the New Hard Candy Super Mod Eye Shadow in 3 different color choices selling for $8.98 for Canadian and $8.00 for Walmart US.

new hard candy glitter eyeshadow palettes

I also spotted the Hard Candy Glitteratzi Compact Eye Shadow for $6.98 arranged side by side with the Super Mod Eyeshadow palettes. If you plan to rock some glittery makeup, don’t forget to get some dazzle with Glitteratzi! Available in 2 glittery shades but each palette hold super amazing colors for the Holidays.

I think these eyeshadows are decently priced to be made affordable. Just $1 for a shadow each is super deal! Don’t walk, run over to your Walmart and grab a few.

Have you spotted any new products from Hard Candy at your nearby Walmart? Make sure to leave your comments down below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo